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Default New EU Criteria: Macedonians must learn to defy Gravity

Rogi posted this joking title on maknews, and i filled in the story.. thought i'd share it here for a laugh/cry.

New EU Criteria: Macedonians must learn to defy Gravity

SKOPJE. In what is now the third super-natural requirement on Macedonia's European Union entry, EU representative Erwan Fouere announced his latest challenge just last week. Macedonia must now defy gravity if it expects to enter the club along with Croatia and Albania.

It is clear to experts that despite reforms in the judicial system, biometric passports, economic development and the rule of law, Macedonia will not be deemed prepared unless it can complete this latest task within 2 weeks. This interesting idea was dreamt up in Athens, which is where Greeks gave democracy, Turkish coffee and kebabs to the world 500 years before they appeared in Athens. It seems that Balkan countries posses supernatural abilities indeed. Only Macedonia is yet to prove them.

When asked where the inspiration came from, foreign minister Bakoyannis replied with a brilliant piece of Athenian philosophy quoted from the 4000 year old greek philosopher Karaman (lis)
"If one who doesn't cease to exist in Europe refuses to cease to exist in Europe, one will cease to exist in Europe".

President Crvenkovski agreed with Fouere's judgement, and has established a team of pardoned experts to arrest people who can not defy gravity, along the lines of the EU's new police-state laws. Those who have termed Fouere's requirements unrealistic have been marginalised as extremists. Experts hope that they do not gain more ground in the next elections, which could see Macedonia slip away to a non-European future as an island in the Pacific. Interesting times await the Macedonians.

- Секој чоек и нација има можност да успеат колку шо си дозволуваат. Нема изговор.
- Every human and nation has the ability to be as great or as weak as they allow themselves to be. No excuses.
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