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Originally Posted by Bratot View Post

If we follow the pronountiation of those Phoenican letters incorporated in the coins and other matherial evidence, we will get final product - ALESANDROF.
AlexandroY, NOT AlexandroS.

And "Phillip" is FillipoY, not PhillipoS.

Pronounced probably something like Ale(k)sandro-I or Ale(k)sandro-U, and Filipo-I or Filipo-U, where (k) were pronounced in some, and missed in some dialects.

Take in note that we have "-oV" on the end of our surnames or second names.

Petko TrajkoV FilipoV

DelcheV, KareV, AleksandroV

the Vlachs - AlexandrU, KonstantinU, VlahU
It is clear to me, it is clear to you.

Aleksandro-y pari, Aleksandro-V stater.

Now we only have to find a way to bring those idiots in MANU to start use their head, show some dignity and start do their job.
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