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Gocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud ofGocka has much to be proud of

I don't think the protests in ROM can be generalized as just DPMNE supporters. This insinuates that these people are out there simply to support DPMNE but don't actually care about what is happening.

Most of these people really believe that the countries identity is under threat. If you look at video and images from the protests you will see a genuine patriotic movement.

Here is the problem though, these people are so brainwashed by political propaganda that they don't know that DPMNE already undertook the biggest Albanization of Macedonia to date. They really believe DPMNE is a patriotic political party, becasue they are ignorant. They are not just blindly following DPMNE because they want them to be in power, they really believe that they are standing up to the Albanians.

When DPMNE does pro Albanian things, it doesn't get covered, most people either don't know it happened or get a heavily altered view of reality through propaganda. SDSM recent actions are not only totally overt, but the propaganda machine is making sure everyone hears about it.

Macedonians lack a sense of perspective. Similar to how North Koreans have no idea what reality is like outside of their nightmare, we have a generation of Macedonians who don't know what it really means to be a patriot.

Think about it, how many Macedonians proudly wave the ventilator and feel patriotic doing it? They don't realize its an insult to themselves, and unpatriotic to do so. How many people, especially within the political class ever spoke out against the ventilator. Macedonians went straight from brainwashing communism, to this new brainwashing.

The desire to be patriotic is there, people care what happens to Macedonia. They just don't have the right role models and perspective to make the right decisions.

I am as hard as anyone on ROM Macedonians, but sometimes I feel bad for how ignorant and detached form reality they can be. Its not easy when you are bombarded form all sides with propaganda.

I encourage all of you to find youtube videos of interviews and the protests and you will see that their hearts are in the right place, but their brains are not.
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