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Here are some examples of human rights abuses in Greece. If only we can find the actual articles.

These reports were published also in the following Greek newspapers: ,,Elinikos Voras" Thessaloniki, 4.8.1959; ,,Vima" - Athens, 78.7.1959; ,,Elpheteria" - Athens, 7.7.1959; Elinikos Voras, 8.8.1959

Prohibition for the use of local folk dances

- ,,Stohos" newspaper, 16.4.1987: ,,We made a list of all persons, singing in a dialect at fairs, weddings, etc.
Do not sing in another language or „ idiom " but Greek, because you will curse the day you were born. "
- ,,Stohos" newspaper - 21.8.1986; In the publication: ,,The perfect danced in the rhythm of horo on the sounds ,,Free Macedonia" and,,Eleno, girl, Eleno" is mentioned that on Ascension Day in the village of Atrapos the perfect danced ring dance in the rhythm of Macedonian Songs and appeals as follows:
„... Speaking and singing on any other language but Greek is not allowed. Cut their tongues off so we can save Greece".
- ,,Mahitis" newspaper - 6.8.1987 - There was a wedding with folk music in the village of Melitis (Vostarevo). Four cars with members of KIP (Greek Intelligence) blocked the wedding from all sides and recorded the music the language spoken at the wedding.


With the aim to wipe out any evidence for the existence of Macedonians the newspaper ,,Stohos" from 13.08.1987 writes:
,,Search well around and whenever you see in a village or in a city a grave with Slav idols - destroy it! Do not be afraid. If someone tries to stop you tell him that the nation has ordered it. Place Greece, Orthodoxy and the Armed Forces in your hearts! You are Greek! Do not forget it"


From an article in "Ta Moglena" newspaper, May-June 1989. The article is published under heading "Why".
- Why files with our Macedonian names are opened every day;
- Why they part us and do not promote us on important posts?;
- Why the Macedonians do not reached the ranks of ,,general"?;
- Why Macedonians are not promoted for Secretary General and Prefects Macedonian?;
- Why they do not become Macedonian Bishops or priests?;
- Why recently there is a tremendous exile and the Macedonian employees are moved from their offices?
Referring this it gives the local country men the following advice: To be able to keep yourself you have to be informed. If you see BMW or Mercedes cars stopped in front the cafe you have to know that these are the gorillas of KIP and EUP /Intelligence services of Greece/, so be careful what you speak in this cafe".


In the first issue of the published in Greek "Zora" newspaper from October 1993, there is an article "Inquire of the Minister of Finance and Agriculture" in which the fact is revealed that about 300 ha of land belonging to the "St. Pantaleimon" community is distributed without any lawful grounds among Greeks coming from USSR (Pontian Greeks). At the meeting between the countrymen and the Lerin prefect they received the following astonishing answer:
Let them take not only your land but your houses as well and I will do nothing because these people - citizens of Vetora village are Pontian Greeks and you are Slavofons. Go to search your rights in Skopje and Sofia".


Several more important acts, depriving the citizens of Aegean Macedonia of Greek citizenship and property during the years 1946-1949.

1. Decree No.LZ/47 from 1947 with headline: ,,To deprive of Greek citizenship persons who act anti-nationally". By this decision all persons, supporting ,,the Democratic army of the Greek Communist party" were deprived of Greek citizenship.
2. Decree M/48 with legal power from January 198 for "confiscation of the entire or part of the property of the participants in the guerilla war and their assistants".
3. Decree No.48 from April 1948 for "losing property due to anti-state activities".

In the following years many decrees were passed, such as Nos. 944, 258, 800 from April 3 and July 20th 1951, for the application of Decree No.976/46 for repatriation of the persons, living near the borders. Later new laws were adopted, because these were considered insufficient.


The Minister of the National Education and Religion considering
a) the provisions of Article 46 of the Law No. 1238/82;
b) Decision No. 1/5421: proclaims that the diplomas of ,,St. Cyril and Metodius" University in Skopje are not recognized by the Ministry.


According to the denationalization policy, adopted in 1913, the use of Macedonian names was forbidden. The names received the typical Greek endings or were changed entirely. The use of the word ,,macedonian" was forbidden in order to avoid the possibility for claiming another ethnocultural identity than the Greek one.


Until several years ago Aegean Macedonia was officially called "Northern Greece" and only since August 1988 in the existing new circumstances has adopted the name ,,Macedonia". In the Greek state newspaper ,,Efimeriostis Kivemistos", issue 332 from November 21,1926 was published the law for obligatory change of the names of all of the villages and the towns, as well as the names of the rivers, mountains and regions. That way 588 towns and villages received names totally different from the Slav names that had existed for more than 12 centuries. The perfidious purpose of that action was the family memory to be razed to the ground.

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