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Default Mak Embassy in Croatia donates 130 volumes to Zagreb National University Library

This is fantastic, the Croatian Universities have been openly supportive of our literature and many of our famous writers and Poets have published books in Zagreb.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Macedonia's Embassy to Croatia donated Monday 130 volumes of Macedonian literature and culture to Zagreb-based National University Library.

The donation is part of a Government project implemented by the Macedonian Writers' Association.

Ambassador Danco Markovski stressed the project aims at presenting the rich and layered image of achievements and value of Macedonian literature, culture and tradition from St.Clement until the present.

"The 130 volumes of Macedonian literature legitimize the cultural identity of Macedonian citizens as part of the European and global culture, whereas the National University Library in Zagreb, which has played a significant role in the sphere of education, social development, research and preservation of the written word in Croatia's cultural heritage, is the rightful place where these books will be available all readers", said Markovski.

The project foresees donation of additional 130 volumes to the Macedonian Language Department at the Rijeka University, Macedonian Language Department at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy, and the Osijek University.
МАКЕДОНЕЦ си кога кавал ќе ти ја распара душата,зурла ќе ти го раскине срцето,кога секое влакно од кожата ќе ти се наежи кога ќе видиш шеснаесеткрако сонце,кога до коска ќе те заболи кога ќе слушнеш ПЈРМ,кога немаш ни за леб,а полн си во душата затоа што ја сакаш МАКЕДОНИЈА. МАКЕДОНИЈА во срце те носиме.
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