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Not only are Albanians Arabs but they are also descendants of Muhammad's tribe?

The above claim is so ridiculous I have trouble taking it seriously but I will answer some of these claims with some dignity.

Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post

Celebi states that the first ancestors of the Albanians were Arabs who arrived in Epirus during the 7th century.

False: The Arabic haplogroup J1 is nearly non existent among Albanians. Which means Albanian could not possibly be Arabs or carry the same lineage.

These lands were previously uninhabited and, within a short period of time, he settled them and, mingling with the Franks, they created the Albanian language from a mixture of Frankish and Arabic.
False: The Albanian language is not related to either Frankish or Arabic
By Frankish I assume he is not referring to the Germanic language but Western Romance. Either way both instances are wrong, you can count Germanic words in Albanian with one hand. The Albanian language was also influence by Eastern not Western Latin.

All known Arabic words in Albanian we borrowed from Turkish. They are loans which means the early Albanians could not have possibly spoken Arabic.

There is also a source (Michael Attaliates?) that apparently wrote of a people called 'Arbanitai' who were transplanted as mercenaries from Sicily to Albania by a rebel military commander called George Maniakos in 1042.
False: The first Albanian settlers in Southern Italy the Arbereshe migrated during the late 15th century.

This clan of Quraysh

False: The clan of Quraysh has no connection to the village of Kurvalesh.

The village name comes from the term Kurve which I am sure most of you know is a common slavic word, meanwhile Lesh means wool. There is a story of how village earned the name after a whore that sleeps with a local bey only to kill him when he falls asleep with some type of handmade woolen rope...

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