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I'm not sure if this little bit of info belongs in this thread as it is about Evliya and the Albanians, but here it is anyway.

Remember I told you about a Near Eastern word "Sippar" which in Arabic means "bird".

It is possible that the descendants of the present day Albanians were settled where they are today by the Byzantines.

P.253 "Empires of Islamin Rennaissance historical Thought" by Margaret Meserve

Nero had tried once or possibly twice to send a legion to the 'Caspian Gates' in an attempt to emulate the deeds of Alesander the Great. We know his goal was the Caucasus, and not the Iranian Caspian Gates, both because Pliny explains that the expedition was aimed at 'Hiberia' (Georgia) and because Tactitus, who describes the soldiers chosen for this campaign ended up loitering dangerously in Rome, says that Nero had directed them against the Albani, a caucasion tribe.
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