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The article is correct in assessing the pre-national sentiment of the Balkans prior to the mid-19 century. The author, though, misses the Macedonian National Movement. Prlicev was one of its proponents. In one of his speaches he addressed his students: You proud Macedonians, descendents of Alexander and Aristotle... Then he concluded his speach with: A country that gave birth to sons of that magnitude, our dear Macedonia, will give birth to new titans to liberate her.

Bulgarians rejected him because he deliberately refused to use the standard Bulgarian (more or less defined by the mid-1860-ties) and he was trying to create a standard language based on the Macedonian phonology (this article mentiones this). Greeks rejected him because he refused to fully assimilate into a Greek. Even from his poem Serdarot (Armatolos) it is obvious that all of his characters that he has simpathy for are Macedonians (Kuzman, Neda, Rade...), while the vilans are the Albanian Ghegs.

Here is his best poem Serdarot translated in Macedonian:

Thesaloniki, if you have a bigger excerpt of his original greek version, please either upload it in, or post it here, and I will upload it. (What you already posted, is it the begining of the poem? If you don't know, can you roughly translate it, and I will locate it.)
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