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Default Old Vinyl and other items

Hey all,
I have some old records with songs from Macedonia. Some printed in the US some, Jugtown, Beograd, and other printings. I might post a few for translation (cousin helped a bit). Also a few other off items. I have a Vechen Kalendar and and odd pewter flask.
I was thinking of posting a few and seeing what others thought. Or if I somehow have the lost Macedonian Arc, you could clue me in!
Anyhow, If there's interest I can post some in the next day or so.
I believe I showed some of these to Vic when we met up about 18/20 mos ago in MA.
(That's right, there was a gathering or more than 2 Macedonians in MA!)

I'll post a few things soon.
Not a Northadonian
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