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Originally Posted by VMRO View Post
If you believe the politicians in Macedonia and the structures over there are capable of staging something like this then you have been watching too many movies.

If those idiots were lured there then they speaks for their level of intellect.

Isn't it funny that the so called politicians who claimed they want a independent foreign inquiry to be done have failed to act as this was apparently one of the misinformation they spread to gain some extra votes prior to the elections.

Where are the so called recordings by Zaev and co.

If Governmental personal and bodies were involved they too should be prosecuted including Ahmeti and co along with the foreign nationals who came there armed as they're criminals too however no tangible evidence has been provided just hearsay.
Donít be silly, all the recordings of DUI went missing. The law is a tool to silence opposition in FYROM, not bring justice to its people.

As for the shootings.. who knows? anything goes in the Balkans? Maybe it was Gruo and Ali pet project? Or perhaps the West was being that they are the number one backers of KLA and ISIS? We will never know. Maybe Zaev organised it, remember the selfies the following day?
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