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Originally Posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
Been interested in the Gemidzii, The Boatmen of Salonica after watching this clip.

The clip is from the banned TV Series ‘Macedonia’, with the song ‘Nalej nalej”. This series was banned in 2017 under the Zaev government but this clip made rounds on social media and Youtube.
Why was the show banned? As in, what justification was provided?

Originally Posted by Momce Makedonce View Post
Not sure if it is true that Šatev wrote a complaint to the Bulgarian embassy in Belgrade in 1946, arguing that the new Macedonian language is Serbianised and the use of native Bulgarian language is prohibited in Macedonia? Apparently also participated on the side of the Bulgarian army in WW1.

Not sure if there is any truth to these allegations or just typical Bulgarian spin, been searching around. Not sure if anybody else has any sources or opinions?
Unless a document can be provided showing he wrote that to the Bulgarian Embassy, I would say it is untrue. The Yugoslavs probably conjured it up to justify imprisoning him.
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