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Thank both of you on your reply's.

Soldier of Macedon - No offence could possibly be taken. I thank you on your bluntness and appreciate your candor. It is not that I care what people that have been taught or truly believe propaganda think. I do not care about them at all, to be honest. What I care about is that the world at large is not hearing of our story enough. They only hear their propaganda and they do not know the truth. So they believe them, that will change soon I'm sure, but till then i try to get our voice to as many people as I can. Truly i am not a historian, except as a pastime and a hobby. My interest lie in the fields of Anthropology and Ethnology, but I will try the best I can to further my knowledge on the topic of Macedonian history. So i can better serve my people.

Bill77 - Thank you on your advice. I will put it to good use. And: Добро ве најдов.
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