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Now as for Poulton and how he regards the Macedonian identity and what he refers to as "Bulgarians" throughout his book is another story to tackle. We have to remember something about history,,, it's never what it truly seems to be. If it looks crystal clear today tomorrow it may not look so clear and may get murky and dull.
Here's a few things Poulton doesn't get into in his 210 page "history" of 'Who are the Macedonians?.

He never mentions the fact that sources like Brailsford (which he uses and calls him a "balkan expert") state that Macedonians may be "Bulgarian" one day and "greek" the following day due to the rival propaganda churches. I find this to be unacceptable because there are so many sources that state this fact. Yet Poulton asserted his position that the "Slavs" in Macedonia were "Bulgarians".
Of course he does not mention the socio-labor identity labels either. This in itself is misleading. Merchants were "greeks", Shepherds were "Vlachs", Peasants were "Bulgars" etc. was commonplace in and out of the Balkans from Balkanites themselves or westerners who had no clue what they were looking at.

Poulton's 210 page assesment goes from ancient to Ottoman and skips over the East Roman (Byzantine) era within a page. I could go on and on about his lack of knowledge on Macedonian history, but I'll simply leave that to Keith Brown and his assesment on 'Who Are The Macedonians?'.

page 20

The Past in Question by Keith Brown.
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