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TrueMacedonian 12-11-2010 10:32 PM

Propaganda and myth about Kosmas of Aetolia busted
Where to begin? Well let's start with the propaganda of Vacalopoulos here - [CODE][/CODE]

[QUOTE]Like many other Greeks, Kosmas appears to have been enormously depressed by the disastrous results of the 1770 uprising. Disappointed in his hopes of Russian assistance, Kosmas passed many days in mental anguish, [B]searching for a new political orientation and a new national plan.[/B] From that point onwards he was to devote himself to raising the Greek people to a superior ethnical and spiritual plain. Upon this goal he was insistent, for without it there could be little [B]hope of the Greek people ever becoming fully conscious of its nationhood. Herein lies the deeper meaning of his avowed intention of 'working for the Race'.[/B][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]In short, Kosmas' sermons were designed to prevail upon people to love their neighbours, to induce harmony, to encourage the founding of new schools and to strengthen fidelity to the Orthodox faith, which was in grave danger of being overwhelmed by the waves of apostasy. Besides having love for his fellowmen, it was essential that a Christian should also be humble; for humility is an angelic virtue, while pride is a Satanic defect. "My special work", he told other Christians, "is also yours. It belongs to our faith; it belongs to our race" [1]. It is notable that he equated services to religion and services to the race. Following the late Byzantine tradition (i.e. the tradition of the monk Joseph Bryennius [2]) [B]he considered the words 'Orthodoxy' and [B]'Hellenism'[/B] synonymous and worked for the rekindling of the Orthodox faith and the reawakening of Hellenic consciousness.[/B]

Kosmas must take his place amongst the great reformers of the Greek nation side by side with [B]Evgenios Voulgaris, Rhigas Velestinlis (Pheraios) and Adamantios KoraŽs.[/B] He stood as an ardent champion on the side of the people and helped them to be re-baptized into a new spiritual life. Through his preaching people's faith in Orthodoxy was consolidated and the seeds of Greek-Christian education multiplied.

[B]1. Michalopoulos, Κοσμᾶς ὁ Αἰτωλός, pp. 67-69.[/B]

2. Vacalopoulos, Ἱστορία, Ι, p. 153.[/QUOTE]

Now for the ultimate upset for the propagandists who play make believe "hellenes" and make believe "greek macedonians".

page 58
and here are the footnotes in a larger view:

Language and national identity in Greece, 1766-1976 By Peter Mackridge

Notice that Vacalopoulos states "[B]he considered the words 'Orthodoxy' and [B]'Hellenism'[/B] synonymous and worked for the rekindling of the Orthodox faith and the reawakening of Hellenic consciousness."[/B]

Really now? Cosidering the word hellenism DID NOT EXIST IN HIS TIME speaks volumes about the credentials of many of these arvanite scholars. What's more is he puts Kosma in a special list with Voulgaris the Bulgarian, Rigas the fat Vlach, and Koraes who invented an artificial language and who thought that the ancient Macedonians were a seperate nation from the hellene city-state. Great list Vaca.

And for a good laugh about one of the supposed "hellenes" in the 19th century:


Of course this doukas was a Vlacho. What doukas isn't? You would have to be captain kangaroo in order to be an actual hellene during that time (or even today) :21:

George S. 12-12-2010 12:40 AM

wow that's great tm.

Akzion 12-12-2010 05:01 AM

So, why did the Turks execute him?

TrueMacedonian 12-12-2010 05:49 AM

So, why did the Turks execute him?[/QUOTE]

Why? What's the ongoing nationalist theory on this one?

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