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Pelister 09-24-2008 09:14 PM

United Macedonia Diaspora
I don't like UMD's politics, I've made no secret of that.

A number of things need to be raised about their politics, and where they stand in relation to Macedonian politics.

Some of their members supported a name change for NATO membership, even though the negotations were so heavily one sided in favor of the Greeks, who also have a history of negating the Macedonian identity (they were indifferent to it).

The reason why I say this is because the same guy who wanted Macedonia to change her name (without a referendum ...etc ... without thinking these issues through), and who believes that the Macedonian nationality, could be in historical terms Greek, Albanian, or Bulgarian ...etc, (Coolski, who I know some people like), is also a high ranking member of UMD. Not the kind of people in my opinion you want to have falsely representing themselves as the voice of the Macedonian diaspora, now is it?

Now the reason why I make that last point is becuase at the end of the day they are just a Club. [B]They represent their membership only. They do not represent the Macedonian people living in the diaspora, and any claims that they do is misleading to say the very least.[/B] So, I'd be interested to know what kind of representations they have been making to the Macedonian politicians? I hope some of them can explain this to me. Most Macedonians in the diaspora would have no idea who they are, or what they stand for. They're politics is in my opinion, shady, to say the least.

These are my grievances with UMD/.


Rogi 09-24-2008 09:49 PM

Pelister, I think you have a problem with your own misinterpretations.

Firstly, you're way off about Coolski and you've clearly misunderstood his posts on this forum.

Secondly, Coolski never ever suggested a name change for Macedonia and has never held that position within UMD.

Finally, UMD as an organisation will never, ever accept such a position. The purpose of UMD's existence is not to lobby for Macedonia, but rather to further the Macedonian cause.

Perhaps you could tell us what you feel is shady, so that we can clear things up for you - rather than continue on making empty accusations. But I do hope that you can understand what moderate politics is, even if the goals may not be moderate.

Pelister 09-24-2008 11:35 PM

[QUOTE=Rogi;3349]Pelister, I think you have a problem with your own misinterpretations.

Firstly, you're way off about Coolski and you've clearly misunderstood his posts on this forum.

Secondly, Coolski never ever suggested a name change for Macedonia and has never held that position within UMD.

[B]Finally, UMD as an organisation will never, ever accept such a position[/B]. The purpose of UMD's existence is not to lobby for Macedonia, but rather to further the Macedonian cause.

Perhaps you could tell us what you feel is shady, so that we can clear things up for you - rather than continue on making empty accusations. But I do hope that you can understand what moderate politics is, even if the goals may not be moderate.[/QUOTE]


I have always been open and honest about my position regarding Macedonia.

It is no secret I have a number of grievances with Coolski's principles.

He did suggest changing the name to me, which is part of the reason I am here and not there.

I will just quickly raise a few issues. He has misrepresented what people on this forum mean when they say "Macedonia for the Macedonians", and further suggested that it is usually meant in a racist way (he has issues with racists). The evidence on this forum doesn't support that.

Coolski is also misrepresenting the Macedonian Nationality, in principle. He argues that the term Macedonia, can be applied in two ways, one, it can mean an ethnic group, and two, it can mean someone who "feels" Macedonian, Nationality, which could include any ethnic group. I agree that as an abstract concept it could. Historically, I cannot. [I]The emergence and development of the Macedonian Nationality in bound to the Macedonian ethnic group.[/I] Coolski is in my opinion misrepresenting the Macedonian Nationality, [I]in historical terms[/I], by taking something in the Krushevo manifesto out of context.

Now, I should not assume that Coolski's personal point of view, is necessarily the position held by UMD.

Having said that, you ought to undestand that my point of view could have some merit, and that the personal points of view of some members of UMD, could also represent the position of UMD, although evidently not in official circles.

You are saying to me that UMD will never accept a position that compromises Macedonia's identity.

The Greek State is trying to get the Macedonians to reject their own Nationality, i.e., to remove themselves in historical terms to any part they play in their own liberation, as Macedonians !

I am saying that a high ranking member of UMD, is taking exactly this position, on civic principle.

So, naturally I have problems with that Clubs position regarding the Macedonian Nationality.

Risto the Great 12-01-2008 06:00 PM

Political correctness and the UMD
I am starting to feel the UMD has painted itself into a corner with not wanting to tread on any toes in Macedonia in order to achieve continued relevance with the various political parties who may in time come to rule.

The actions going on in Macedonia presently with the Albanians is utterly intolerable and the Government appears to endorse these actions by its inactivity.

This is precisely the time when the Diaspora needs to tell the Macedonian Government and the people of Macedonia what is unacceptable. A positive revolution is required in Macedonia and external catalysts can often be employed to start the process.

This political correctness is something we can employ when our future is assured. This is not the case presently. Even my local Macedonian community has moments of "political correctness" in advising many of its members that this (MacedonianTruth) forum exhibits moments of blatant "nationalism".

Not happy!

Orovnichanec 12-01-2008 09:20 PM

In some aspects political correctness is called for, but I see it used way to often, and the Macedonian government is guilty of overuse of political correctness, and to the extent so is UMD.

You have to look at other examples, you don't see the Greek or Albanian organizations playing the political correctness game so neither should the UMD.

Pelister 12-04-2008 12:18 AM

I don't like UMd - shameless self promoters, who have decieved the good will of Macedonians by creating a "petition" in order to falsely use those names as the "representative base" of UMd, when UMd in fact only represents its members.

They support the negotiation process - and they support the position that Greeks are historically speaking Macedonians too. Basically the negotiations for UMd are legitimate.

[B]The view of UMd is that Macedonia should enter NATO under the acronym FYROM[/B]. This is also the position of the current Macedonian government which is a betrayal.

Thirdly, members of UMd have an agenda to misrepresent the Macedonian nationality, in historical terms.

Rogi 12-04-2008 08:40 AM

Pelister, please, get the basics right first. UMD does not support the negotiations.

After you have the basics about UMD's position right, then, feel free to criticise and attack if you disagree. But please, do not slander based on misrepresentation and falsification. It really does nobody any good.

UMD's poltiical correctness, which I hate but do understand, is the only reason why politicians in the US are willing to sit down with UMD.

The World Macedonian Congress made all their views and positions in public. That was great and it means we all know we can support the WMC because it holds the right views and positions for the Macedonian cause. However, because of that the WMC was then labelled as 'hardline' and 'nationalistic' and whatnot and was unfortunately subsequently sidelined in all political spheres, in Macedonia and outside of Macedonia.

So UMD is trying a different approach, and I guess it means having to wriggle around for a while until you are in those inner circles where you then have some cards to play. That doesn't mean the same goals and ideals are not held by everyone in UMD, it just means that your hiding your cards and holding them close.

Let's be open here... we don't have money (and the Greeks just seem to throw that around everywhere we go) to support politicians, we don't have any real friends in politics (based on ideology and understanding the Macedonian cause), in fact we don't have much at all, other than the hope of good will by those whose support we seek.

Every time UMD makes a statement that the Greeks can use for its 'nationalistic' or 'hard-line' approach, the Greeks use it, they go to the very politicians who's good will we rely on, then they make their lives difficult for dealing with UMD. That means the good will with the politician is then gone - the politicians just don't feel its worth fighting for us and causing any hassle for themselves, there's nothing in it for them. We don't have anything to offer. That's the sad reality and you would be surprised (and annoyed) at how many times we have had to go up and down the same paths because of this.

If we are not politically correct right now, then we don't really exist on any level that matters, because we lose access to the people whose support we need in order to build what we are trying to build.

All that said, however, If you're talking about political correctness in terms of what is happening inside Macedonia, you're damn right. There need to be some serious anti Government releases coming out from UMD to help ground the Government and not let it get ahead of itself and move away from the right path for the Macedonian cause (as it is with allowing a terrorist museum in Macedonia and so on).

Risto the Great 12-04-2008 02:33 PM

[QUOTE=Rogi;5577]All that said, however, If you're talking about political correctness in terms of what is happening inside Macedonia, you're damn right. There need to be some serious anti Government releases coming out from UMD to help ground the Government and not let it get ahead of itself and move away from the right path for the Macedonian cause (as it is with allowing a terrorist museum in Macedonia and so on).[/QUOTE]

Agreed. Lines of communication need to remain open. But does the Government care what the Diaspora has to say anyway? Particularly when the UMD is so damn nice about everything.

Now if the UMD was the public face of a more hardline national front, I would be much happier. By not commenting on this disgraceful stuff with the Albanians, it accepts it as much as the Government does.

Soldier of Macedon 12-04-2008 05:18 PM

As much as I don't want to gt involved in this UMD conversation, I tend to agree with Risto's last comment. But there is a way also which doesn't result in endless dialogue which ends in disputes among Macedonians.

Risto the Great 12-29-2008 07:58 PM

United Macedonian Diaspora
I received the following text in an email from the UMD listing its achievements for the 2008 year:
Dear Friend,

There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who wonder what happened. The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) makes things happen and our efforts affect Macedonians around the world. Your help has enabled UMD to accomplish even more on your behalf and for Macedonia. We wholeheartedly thank you for your important support.

January saw the delivery of gloves, scarves, and hats to orphans in Skopje, milk to infants in Bitola, and food to the homeless in Skopje. UMD commemorated the victims of the International Holocaust and urged Bulgaria to offer an apology and compensation to the families of Macedonian Jews who suffered under Bulgaria's cooperation with Nazi Germany.

In February, UMD urged Secretary Rice to reiterate U.S. recognition of Macedonia's constitutional name, support for Macedonia's admission to NATO, and the U.S. position that the 'name dispute' between Greece and Macedonia is not relevant to Macedonia's NATO bid. During a visit of Greece's Foreign Minister to Washington, D.C., UMD published an advertisement in the Washington Post's Express, a statement that Macedonians have a right to exist and that Greece seeks to distract the world from the continuing mistreatment of ethnic Macedonians in Greece.

In March, UMD advertisements appeared in the Macedonian dailies Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik, and Vecer that stressed the Diaspora's opposition to a change in Macedonia's name. A UMD letter-writing campaign to the leaders of all NATO states urged support of Macedonia's NATO bid and resulted in seven million letters in a week from Macedonians and supporters of Macedonia throughout the world.

Greece's veto in April of Macedonia's bid for entry into NATO triggered UMD opinion pieces in the Washington Times, Dnevnik, and the Hill's Congress Blog. Greek acts of intimidation against Macedonia and Macedonians rose dramatically:

Macedonian tourists in Greece were beaten.
Macedonian exports were blocked from entering Greece.
Macedonian airliners were barred from Greek airspace.
Ethnic Macedonians in Greece also were attacked.

UMD closely followed these events and apprised the State Department and Congress. In Australia, the Ambassador of Hungary indicated that the Greek veto had humiliated Hungary and all the other NATO members. Later in the month, UMD hosted a gathering at St. Jovan the Baptist Macedonian Orthodox Church in Tampa, Florida.

May saw UMD become the first Macedonian Diaspora organization to open an office in Washington, D.C. A new fellowship program was started that will bring Macedonian university-level students to Washington, D.C. as interns for UMD. The interns will be exposed to policymaking, networking, and functioning in a non-governmental environment. UMD sponsored the first Macedonian Film Festival taking place in London organized by the Krug Cultural Group.

While Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki's was in the U.S., in May, a Declaration of Strategic Partnership and Collaboration with the U.S was signed. In UMD's meeting with the Foreign Minister, we praised these excellent efforts on the nation's behalf. That meeting was followed by one with Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Daniel Fried, on bi-lateral relations and Macedonia's prospects for Euro-Atlantic integration. UMD helped coordinate a protest of 20,000 people in Melbourne on May 24 against Australia's failure to recognize Macedonia's name. Subsequently, Macedonia ended visa requirements for Australians-a position often urged by UMD. UMD condemned Bulgaria's frequent harassment of OMO Ilinden-PIRIN, a political party of ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria whose registration the Bulgarian courts continue to deny.

By June, UMD had announced The Fund for Macedonian Children-a partnership with the Splash of Hope and the Macedonian Mission for Humanity-to create humanitarian programs for Macedonian youth. Congressman K. Michael Conway withdrew his support of House Resolution 356, an anti-Macedonian resolution put forward by the Greek-American lobby, thanks to UMD's educational advocacy. In commemorating World Refugee Day, UMD called upon Greece to acknowledge its inhumane treatment of Macedonians expelled since 1944 and to repeal those Greek laws intended to repatriate and return confiscated property solely to those who are Greeks "by genus."

In July, UMD secured a matching grant from the Turkish Coalition of America in the amount of $150,000. UMD needs to raise $50,000 each year for a three year period and TCA will match this amount each year for three years, thus a total of $300,000. On July 31st, a UMD delegation met with Macedonia's President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in Skopje. UMD was able to reiterate its unwavering position against any negotiations over Macedonia's name, or any considerations of changing the name of the Republic of Macedonia. Unfortunately, Ambassador-designate, Philip T. Reeker's confirmation was blocked by Senators Olympia Snowe of Maine and Robert Menendez of New Jersey, both supporters of the Greek-American lobby. UMD's letter-writing campaign was carried in The Star Ledger newspaper in New Jersey and squarely addressed Senator Menendez's actions. By August, both Senators lifted their hold on Ambassador Reeker's confirmation.

Macedonia's name and human rights in Southeast Europe dominated UMD's efforts in August. UMD visited over 350 congressional offices informing representatives on Macedonian issues. In Melbourne, UMD attended the Ilinden Celebrations and discussed strengthening Australian-Macedonian relations with The Honorable Harry Jenkins, the Speaker of Australia's Parliament.

Also in August, UMD established a Planning Committee for the First UMD Global Conference to be held on June 11, 12 and 13, 2009 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia (Click HERE to see the hotel). We will launch a conference website very soon with more information. Meanwhile, stay up to date at [url][/url]. Please save the date, as we need your help to launch a great, new Macedonian tradition. UMD held a meeting during the 34th American Canadian-Macedonian Orthodox Diocese Convention at St. Nikola Macedonian Orthodox Church in Totowa, New Jersey, where over 300 people heard and discussed the pressing issues facing Macedonians in North America and the world.

A September Boat Cruise on the Potomac River allowed UMD to commemorate 17 years of Macedonian independence. Ambassadors Philip Reeker and Zoran Jolevski welcomed the Washington, D.C. Macedonian-American community's celebration of 17 years of Macedonian independence. UMD met Ambassador Reeker during September and discussed U.S. investment in Macedonia. UMD also met with Prime Minister Gruevski in New Jersey and with President Crvenkovski at the UN and discussed Macedonia's relations with Greece and UMD concerns over the 'name dispute.' Later that month, UMD congratulated outgoing President of the UN General Assembly, Srgjan Kerim, on his achievements.

On October 2, UMD sponsored an international conference, New Allies and the New U.S. Administration: Priorities for U.S.-CEE Relations, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. The conference allowed UMD to inform the 100 plus attendees, including representatives from the two U.S. presidential campaigns, diplomatic community, regional experts, analysts, business representatives, scholars, and the media, about Macedonian issues. Later, at the Friends of Macedonia Forum at the Macedonian Embassy in Washington, D.C., UMD helped strengthen its ties with other Macedonian-American organizations.

Later in October, UMD met to discuss U.S.-Macedonian relations with a staunch supporter of the Greek lobby, Senator Robert Menendez. This was a first! On October 24, at the invitation of the Bush Administration, UMD attended a signing ceremony to witness the NATO Accession Protocols for Albania and Croatia at the White House.

UMD sent a congratulatory letter to President-elect Barack Obama in November on his historic victory and pledged its strong support in promoting the relationship between the U.S. and Macedonia. UMD published an op-ed in the Macedonian daily Dnevnik on the potential impact of an Obama Administration on Macedonia and, later, hosted an event in Toronto on that topic.

December saw UMD commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th. 2008 also marks the 60th Anniversary of the Mass Exodus of Macedonian Child Refugees from Greece during the Greek Civil War. UMD again called upon Greece to acknowledge its tragic human rights record and to allow Macedonian refugees to return to their homeland and reconnect with their roots. The Fund for Macedonian Children launched a fundraising campaign for blankets - a key necessity in orphanages, as well as children's clinics and hospitals throughout Macedonia. The spirit of voluntarism has eliminated any administrative costs connected to UMD charity campaigns, so every dollar donated goes straight to the purchase of blankets. Our goal is to invest in Macedonia's economy, involve the local community, and join all our efforts worldwide, so as to maximize our efforts locally in Macedonia!

"Impact" is the operative word at UMD. To make a continuing impact, UMD needs your participation and support. UMD cannot implement its many activities in support of Macedonia without you. In these challenging times, we need your support like never before.

As we reflect on this holiday season, we write to say Thank You for your support and your good wishes for our continued success. We also ask that you too reflect on the year just ending and remember our brothers and sisters around the world. Macedonians must care for one another and work together to advance our community's welfare and interests. United, We Can!

We wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and a very happy New Year!


UMD Board of Directors
Metodija A. Koloski, President
Aleksandar Mitreski, Vice President
Michael Sarafin, Secretary
Denis Manevski, Treasurer
Ordan Andreevski, Director, Australian Operations
Boban Jovanovski
Igor Zvezdakoski
Aleksandra Trpkovska
Stojan Nikolov[/QUOTE]

It looks like it was a productive year.
I am somewhat miffed by the UMD's approach to self-marketing on the Maknews forum. They had been very willing to post matters for promotion of themselves and yet often ducked and weaved when it came to discussing issues in detail. I found it unhealthy and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I have noticed that Meto has decided never to post on Maknews again in the following thread:

Surprisingly, most of RMK's questions were not unreasonable.

So why have I posted this? I just think if you going to commit to a very direct approach of self-promotion in public forums, then you should able to withstand and address the scrutiny that will ensue.

Here is the Mission for the United Macedonian Diaspora

United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is an international non-governmental organization addressing the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities throughout the world.

UMD's main goals are to foster unity among Macedonian people, and advance their cause. We work to promote our historical, spiritual and cultural heritage while advancing the Macedonian tradition within the framework of various advocacy, educational, and charitable programs.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., UMD has representatives serving Macedonian communities around the world, including Brussels, Canberra, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Stuttgart, Sydney, and Toronto.


* Safeguard the rights of Macedonians around the world
* Strengthen the unity among the Macedonian Diaspora
* Act with and on behalf of Macedonian communities before governmental and international bodies
* Cooperate with the world community, promoting the universal ideas of peace, freedom, self-determination, and equality

Policy Issues

* Advance Macedonian interests through educational advocacy, charitable efforts, and social and cultural events
* Support the Republic of Macedonia's constitutional name
* Defend the Macedonian ethnic identity
* Support the human rights of Macedonians in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia
* Improve relations among Macedonia and the United States, Canada, Australia, and support accession into NATO and the EU

UMD recognizes that the success and well-being of the Macedonian communities worldwide is the best guarantor for the well-being of Macedonia. [/QUOTE]

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