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Carlin 07-10-2020 01:42 PM

French wikipedia entry on Vangel Dinu (Dunu):

Vangel Dinu was a young Vlach from Kruševo, then in the Ottoman Empire, who was elected prime minister of the republic of the same name on August 3, 1903, during the Ilinden uprising aimed at the emancipation of Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire.

He led this entity, chaired by Nikola Karev, with Teohari Nescu, Georgi Cace, Pitu Guli also from the city's Vlach community. The Ottoman gendarmerie violently repressed this movement on August 13, 1903.


According to Serbian "Balcanica", on page 300 it is explained that in 1895 the VMRO committee branch was formed in Kruševo which featured the following prominent members Taki Liapu, Teoharaki Kihailu, Kola Boiadzi, Tircu Stavre Borjar, Tega Hertu, Pitu Gaki Skaperda, Laki Gorcu, and many others who fought for liberation from the Turks.

It also explains how the city council, which elected the temporary government, consisted of several ministers and the president/PM of the government; the names being the same as specified above in the French wikipedia entry on Vangel Dinu.


Soldier of Macedon 02-16-2021 07:31 PM

Watch this clip. It has the testimonies of Macedonians from Kruševo who were contemporaries of the Ilinden revolutionaries. One of the ladies makes reference to an event she attended where some of the leaders were gathered in a house to discuss the uprising. She said that an attendee exclaimed "Long live brotherly Bulgaria". Pitu Guli got up angrily and said "What brotherly Bulgaria! We came out for Macedonia. We didn't come out for brotherly Bulgaria!"


The individual that was chastised by Pitu Guli may have been one of those people that actually believed the lie that Bulgaria would militarily support the revolutionaries as they attempted to liberate Macedonia.

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