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TrueMacedonian 12-07-2009 07:39 PM

Emperor Anastasius I,,,another Slav?
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TrueMacedonian 12-07-2009 07:45 PM

Here's something funny that links Macedonia's 50 Denar note to Emperor Anastasius - [url][/url]


Folis, copper, Anastasie I (491-518)

The menetary reform in 498 made by Emperor Anastasie was to eliminate the inflation and monetary chaos in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. The uncontrolled minting of copper coins was replaced by introducing a new weight of copper folis of 9,10 grams, which is 72-nd equal part of the copper pound. The folis with M had a value of 50 numies, with a K - a value of 20 numies and with an I a value 10 numies.Decorative stucco ark from the south wall of the church of St.Panteleimon in Gorno Nerezi, SkopjeThis is the frame for the fresco od St.Panteleimon, the patron of the church which was built in 1164 and contains magnificent frescoes. St. Panteleimon was a doctor, always presented with a scalpel and bottle of medicine in his hand, a protector of doctors and health.


Archangel Gabriel

from the the scene of the Annunciation on the east wall of the church of St.Ghiorghi in Kurbinovo on the Lake Prespa. The church dates from 1191. The frescoes were painted by the outstanding artist, Pictor I


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