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Prolet 10-04-2009 06:19 PM

Risto, Where does that leave us in the negotiating process??

Can we expect better times ahead with Pasok in charge or is it going to be the same old story like we had earlier?

Soldier of Macedon 10-04-2009 08:18 PM

Bye-Bye Karamanoglou and Vlakoyanni, back to Hrisi Avgi for you.......

The LION will ROAR 10-04-2009 08:23 PM


Do we also see DORA the kurva gone..?

Soldier of Macedon 10-05-2009 01:38 AM

Both Pasok and New Democracy are as bad as each other where it concerns that stick up their asses they like to call the 'name game'. It's not a matter of right or left here, both of these lunatic parties are far-right extremists when the topic of discussion is Macedonia and the Macedonian people. Actions speak louder than words, none of these racist idiots have ever given us a reason to trust them, now is no different.

Risto the Great 10-05-2009 03:25 AM

[QUOTE=Prolet;24478]Risto, Where does that leave us in the negotiating process??

Can we expect better times ahead with Pasok in charge or is it going to be the same old story like we had earlier?[/QUOTE]
I don't think I have ever tried to predict the actions of Greeks. Other than to assume the worst from their politicians in relation to Macedonia. But PASOK now has a mandate for dialogue it would appear, so anything (as always) is possible.

Prolet 10-05-2009 04:11 AM

SOM, I know these parties dont mean anything to us, but reports from A1 suggest that it will be easier to deal with Pasok since ND are alot more nationalist and hardcore. If you recall earlier Vinozito were not even able to launch a Macedonian-Greek Dictionary


[QUOTE]Со Папандреу преговорите ќе се водат полесно[/QUOTE]

Risto, I know its hard for you to trust any political Greek party, but what solution can we find with new leader Jorgos Papandreu? We have to look at what our interests are, surly it cant be any worse then negotiating with Kostas Karamanlis who he himself claims to be a Macedonian.

Soldier of Macedon 10-06-2009 02:09 AM

Prolet, исто ѓубре, all of these jokers will pretend to 'feel' Macedonian when it suits them, or come up with some other bogus connection. Time will tell how less extreme Popandreev and co. are compared to Kosta and Todorka.

Jankovska 10-06-2009 05:04 AM

Isti kurac, razni dimenzii ( da vi kazam ja po makedonski). We should stop talking to anyone in Greece and start working on our country. I read somewhere that this new leader Papata will become harsher with Turkey and probably Macedonia. Honestly I want to see him become harsher with Turkey. Harsher in what way? Crying louder to the EU about big bad Turkey. The guys are scum

Soldier of Macedon 10-06-2009 06:53 AM

[QUOTE]Foreign policy was also an important issue, with Karamanlis promising a tougher line against Turkey on issues such as the air space dispute between Athens and Ankara and on what Greece sees as Turkey's ineffectual record on stemming the flow of illegal immigration towares Europe, while [B]Papandreou, a former foreign minister, promised an even tougher line against Turkey, specifically on the air space dispute[/B].

Another issue, the long-standing dispute between Athens and Skopje about the use of [B]the name Macedonia, saw Papandreou promising that a government led by him would be able to achieve an effective compromise[/B].[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]After years of introspection under the outgoing centre-right government, Greece is also expected to become far more "open and outward looking" in its foreign policy under Papandreou. The 57-year-old, who is also the head of Socialist International, the global grouping of leftist parties, [B]won international plaudits back in the 90s when he almost single-handedly improved relations with Ankara by daring to pursue reconciliation[/B].

[B]The change in style has been welcomed by [U]western diplomats startled by the rise of nationalism and xenophobia in Greece[/U] in recent years.[/B]

[B]Many say they are hopeful that relations with neighbouring Turkey, Macedonia and the rest of Europe[/B] will improve under Papandreou. In Istanbul and Ankara there were scenes of jubilation with some Turks cracking open bottles of champagne when news of Pasok's victory came through.[/QUOTE]

Greece, the xenophobic trouble-maker of the Balkans, the west is only now 'startled'.

Looks like the stories are mixed.

Venom 10-06-2009 05:37 PM

Yesterday he promised he would recognise Macedonia, didn't he? Now he is saying that a compromise would be reached. Eagerly we wait for the next line of EU funded bullshit negotiations.

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