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julie 06-20-2010 05:39 AM

NATO can shove it where the sun dont shine
Am sick and tired of RoM being dictated to by non entities to change their sovereignty to appease HellAss.
When is RoM going to stand up and shout NO to all of your resolutions and renaming of our people, they are blatantly discriminating against RoM and yet gladly accept Macedonian soldiers in Afghanistan for their own materialistic gains, to die under the guise of NATO
am tired of HellAss, EU and NATO, these are the country clubs that are dictating my beautiful name must change for entry. The only entry RoM is receiving from these organisations is a rear entry one with their stupid insistence in negotiating

Stojacanec 06-20-2010 08:06 AM

I could swear I was in a time warp. I think I've read the same article years ago !!:bored:

Rogi 06-20-2010 08:11 AM

Makedonetz, please also paste the link to the source of the article.

fyrOM 06-20-2010 01:03 PM

Do you really think that if we end everything with a flat out No today that tomorrow everything will continue as business as usual.

Do not necessarily assume the word solution means compromise. It could but not necessarily. What Iím saying is it is useless to just say itís the greeks problem and we donít need to say anything. It is like being accused of a crime you know you absolutely did not do but some circumstantial evidence is being levelled against you which others are believing. The attitude you prescribe is perfict if there was no consequence of the accusations. But if the accusations are now preventing you to do what you want in life then you need to take some kind of action to create free passage for you to do what you want. Inaction is just standing still. Then what action should we take. Declairing to the world the name issue is a greek problem and anybody who doesnít like it can go jump also has reactions. Multiple joices with multiple outcomes. Which do we prefer. But there always are repercussions. Your points seem to ignor this.

In any thread where I have posted in relation to the name issue I have never suggested any compromise is suitable and nor am I about to begin to. I think the only change I have said that I could not think of a reason against was the Democratic Republic of Macedonia. There can never be a compromise because as we all know it is not just about a name but our very identity and everything that goes with it. This is a huge issue and I absolutely hate people from other countries who trivialise it and say [I]bold decisions need to be made for the good of the country.[/I]

The government is on the right track in playing along to put reforms through and modernise the country. I get the feeling many of you know the outcome you would like and being raised in countries where you have the right to demand your rights you think in terms of right is right but in the un popularity also plays a big part. The problem with the governments actions are that one day the hard word will be put on them to follow through. While the reforms were going on a convenient excuse existed to put off a final decission but ofcourse the reforms have a natural end and then what.

Macedonia is fast approaching this point of having to give a concrete reply. There is only one answer Macedonia can give without all out riots. This is a forgone conclusion. The posturing to date has been a show to make people think something is being done while at the same time lets see if they are dumb enough to blink. It then becomes the eus problem of how much they want Macedonia. Sometimes people know the answer they want to give but donít want to be seen as leading the cause as it automatically alienates them from others. The kind of thing they have been asking Macedonia to do [I]a bold move[/I]. The alternative and often seen as a more safe option is to join in a chorus pushing in one direction. But who should lead this chorus an outsider who will champion macedonias cause or Macedonia herself. A champion would be the easier solution for Macedonia but how realistic is this given the co dependencies that exist already and besides can we really entrust our identity on a bet that a chapion will show up. You already know the answer to this and it is obviously No.

What should Macedonia do. End the discussions as you say but when and what else can any of us do to prepare for this inevitable conclusion and stear to a more favourable reaction. A wealth of information exists on the MTO and many have shown great knowledge in historical maters and great skill in being able to sort through countering claims to argue a logical conclusion to the truth. Many threads have ended with [I]another myth destroyed.[/I] It is this knowledge that has been allowed to perculate via discussion to the truth that needs to be drawn together as evidence we are Macedonians. The reason for this reply is it seems many of you subscribe to the notion we know who we are and nothing more needs to be done but this inaction creates a situation for Macedoniaís detractors to repeat their false propaganda as truth trying to force an endless muddying of the truth and thereby forcing their version of reality on everyone. Sometimes the so called truth is just a lie repeated enough times that it becomes the accepted truth. So can you see that when someone is trying to muddy the truth inaction from a self righteous position is an action in itself agaist Macedonia.

I donít know what steps and to what degree Macedonia has taken to establish a timeline of histrical truths each in themselves argued logically as they have been at the MTO to answer the question we are Macedonians because and here are the counterclaims and why they are not. In a time of common struggle each individual needs to bring everything they can to the forefront. This is where I see the strength of the MTO not only to produce the truth for the masses to uplift their spirits and strengthen their resolve but also to harness the countless hours many have put into researching the truth as a ready aid to any in Macedonia who would be preparing such a defence. One might ask those of you with any connection to those in political and educational circles where is Macedonia at with clearing the lies from history and where and how can the wealth of knowledge at the MTO help. Are we satisfied with what people in Macedonia have done to date and is there anything we could add. Remember inaction is an action in itself and each action has consequences.

Makedonetz 06-20-2010 01:18 PM



Makedonetz 06-20-2010 01:20 PM

[QUOTE=Stojacanec;60258]I could swear I was in a time warp. I think I've read the same article years ago !!:bored:[/QUOTE]


I think we have been caught in this revolving door since our independence 1991. Little Deja Vue :eek1:

fyrOM 06-20-2010 03:49 PM

Good point Bratot. A mans place of origin does not prove his character. The reference initialy came out of he is from your parts stop knocking him so hard without taking all of what he has achieved into account. He realy could have been from anywhere. It then extrapolated from my personal opinion of body language that he is genuine and that he does have a sense of hate driving him also particularly when he partially squints his eyes in a direct stare at someone he is responding to with a stupid statement. It was my own speculation that his families origins could be an added reason for his hatred body language. His hatred reaction to questions about changing the name says he is genuine as it would be expected of someone who is genuine regardless of his families origins.

Just da se nasmam once on this point I think he also grew up in Prilep where I hear the town prides itself on be revolutionaries with the saying the first shot in anger against the Nazis and their Bulgarian alies of a revolutionary movement was in Prilep. But we can leave all this asside because even if true the first shot is just a matter of timing. Macedonians of good character joind the resistance movement from all parts.

Sadly the interim accord was thrown apon us at a time of weakness. Today we are in a much better position and improving. The interm accord has been a dance with the devil who conclusion is drawing near. How solid wil Macedonia be at that time is questionable but undoubtably if things went on a little further our fighting chance would be enhanced that much more. Even more sadly when we look back at the largely wasted years when the governments predicesors spent more time enriching themselves than enriching the country even though they could not have been so blind as to not know this dance has a limited time span and they didnít care because it would be someone elses problem. They robbed for their own greed even though it meant weakening the country and putting our very identity in jeopardy. If they realise this thay will realise the ugliness in the mirror is not just skin deap.

The day will come and not too far off when Macedonia will be called on to make a concrete decision and ofcourse the answer will be we will have to jump out of the accord.

Not to repeat myself here see Macedonian Truth Forum > Macedonian Truth Forum > News and Politics
Solution to the name dispute (?)


Serdarot 06-20-2010 05:02 PM

[QUOTE=Vangelovski;60023]Declare the Interim Accord 'null and void' and move onto the next chapter.[/QUOTE]

not so simple as that... easier to write it, that to do it ;)


the purpose of this circus is the desintegration of the RoM, and the final demise / disapearing of the Macedonians from the face of the Earth...

Vangelovski 06-20-2010 06:43 PM


Nice long-winded post, but you still avoided any substance. WHAT do you think will happen if a "solution" is not found and WHY?

You state that you cannot see any problem "Democratic Republic of Macedonia". This confirms your personal need to prostitute yourself (according to your own ridiculous analogy) and not only that, but your personal need for a pimp to decide when, how and with whom to prostitute yourself.

UMD-style vassalship.

Vangelovski 06-20-2010 06:44 PM

[quote=Serdarot;60285]not so simple as that... easier to write it, that to do it ;)[/quote]



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