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Phoenix 08-15-2011 08:35 AM

[QUOTE=Voltron;107797]Ethnic tensions simmer ? As if a bloodbath will break out in Brussels.
Im familiar with their political problems, all im saying is on the ground you wouldnt know the difference. Even if a partition happens it will be without a wimper.[/QUOTE]

Voltron, you seem to be pretty a truly American way.

FYI, Europeans have been killing each other on a continuous basis for centuries, the recent lull in the butchery is certainly not the norm...

Voltron 08-15-2011 09:19 AM

Yes they have, but I dont think the Belgium ppl have it in them.

julie 08-15-2011 11:14 AM

[QUOTE=Onur;107778]International crisis group is Brussels based EU`s puppet organization controlled by eurocrats.

If you check their website, you will see that in most of the articles, Greece is either directly or indirectly involved in all articles/crises, whether it`s Aegean sea borders, Cyprus or Macedonia`s name issues. BUT in all of them, you can only see idiotic recommendations for Turkish Cypriot, Turkish and Macedonians but nothing for Greek government except some wishful positive thoughts and praising.

Also it`s quite funny to see that while there is no government in Brussels for more than a year (holding the world record, even longer than war driven Iraq) and it`s on the verge of breaking up, there is nothing about Belgium. They pretend that everything is superb at their doorstep while nation states like Macedonia and Turkey are always bad, evil and wrong.

These EU funded puppet organizations are not only enemy of Macedonia but they are enemy of all nation states and their sole job is deteriorate and destroy all nation states outside their control, sphere of influence.

But don't bother with them cuz their end is nigh.[/QUOTE]

Well said Onur!!!

Pelister 08-16-2011 02:46 AM

The trouble is that the Macedonian politicians have this fantasy that the E.U is some kind of holy grail. The E.U wants us erased. That much is very clear. The catch words they try to push onto the Macedonians is 'multi ethnic', 'open society' but these are basically euphamism's for stopping the assimilation of the Albanian minority, which is essential in any modern society to the viability and integrity and continued existence of a nation State. They are using benevolent language, to push an agenda onto the Macedonians, when what they are in fact doing is dividing and federalizing the Republic along national lines, so that Macedonia ends up being one state with two nationalities, a Macedonian nationality comprised of everyone, and an Albanian nationality comprised only of Albanians. The whole concept of promoting a 'civic society' is propaganda, because that would imply that the Albanians want to become part of a multi colored Macedonian 'nationality', in reality they don't mix, they don't want to mix and they want to break away. The moment the Macedonians show any sign of trying to preserve the integrity of the State, the E.U slams them. Gruevski has do stand up to the anti-Macedonian position of the E.U, otherwise he is just a whore.

lavce pelagonski 08-18-2011 10:17 PM

[url=]П*ОТЕСТ - зачувување на името МАКЕДОНИЈА! (08.09.11) - YouTube[/url]

slovenec zrinski 08-18-2011 11:56 PM

Something is better than nothing.
Boost morale if nothing else.

DirtyCodingHabitz 08-21-2011 05:18 AM

I might be going with my family :)

George S. 08-21-2011 07:15 AM

which part of macedonia are you going to dch?

Mikail 08-23-2011 04:00 AM

Greek comminity of WA threaten John Hyde
The article below appears in the current "Greek Edition" of Neos Kosmos. Neos Kosmos along with the Greek community here in Australia love to threaten our politicians.

It is time both sides of politics here in Australia took a stand on this type of scare mongering and put this community group back in its place.

This radical, nazisist, fundamentalist type of approach takes a slight lead on Islamist extremists over here.

Wake up Australia, you are losing your grip on things. You are here to serve the ENTIRE population! Not just the select few who appear to yell the loudest.

[B][SIZE="6"]By hardliner John Hyde[/SIZE][/B]

Kostis Nikolopoulou

His intention to "fight" for the recognition of FYROM by Australia under its constitutional name, the Labour MP reiterated Perth John Hyde, a meeting in Perth to syntonisti Greek Council Costas Berbati, and the president of the Association Florinaion Mr. Toutoumtzi Kingdom.
As revealed by the "New World" (28/07/2011) Mr. Hyde, shadow minister of state for Culture and Arts, Planning, Multiculturalism and Citizenship in Western Australia, visited Skopje during July and had contacts with government officials FYROM.

After his meeting with President of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee and outgoing Foreign Minister of FYROM Antonio Milososki said: "In Australia there are firm supporters of the" Republic of Macedonia ". We work to promote recognition of the "Republic of Macedonia" under its constitutional name. We come in order to strengthen relations in Western Australia and the "Republic of Macedonia".
After the publication of "New World", the coordinator of the Greek Council, based in Perth, requested a meeting with Mr. Hyde to discuss the content of his statements in Skopje, inform him that his position on the issue of name conflicts the official policy of Australia and the table in terms of homogeneity of its positions.

The meeting held last Monday, but without result. Mr. Berbati said the "New World", that "the meeting proved futile."
"Mr. Hyde remains in place for recognition of PGD in Australia with its constitutional name, arguing that many other countries have recognized the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name, ie" Republic "Macedonia" .
"The k.Hyde believes that recognition of FYROM by Australia is a matter of years, and pledged to fight alongside the Macedonians to achieve recognition," said Mr. Berbati.

The intransigence of Mr. Hyde has angered the Greeks in Western Australia as far as discussing drastic measures against him.
Homogeneity factors stated in the "New World" that "John Hyde will be the fate of Ron Edwards Former Labour MP Commonwealth Stirling, Western Australia, who lost his seat in national elections in 1993 because of conflict with the Greeks of Western Australia's "Macedonia".
The intransigence of Mr. Hyde concern and leadership of the Labour Party, concerned about the angry reaction in the next state and Commonwealth elections.

Political parties consider the possibility of the Greek community to influence the outcome of elections, State and Commonwealth-and care not to cause the Greeks with decisions and actions that undermine the interests of the community and the pending national affairs of Greece.


Risto the Great 08-29-2011 03:31 AM


[QUOTE]John Hyde, the WA Shadow Minister for Multicultural Interests and Citizenship, has rebuffed accusations that he made inappropriate comments to parliamentarians in Skopje when visiting MACEDONIA last month.

As reported previously by Neos Kosmos, Mr Hyde met with the Chairman of the FYROM Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Antonio Milososki on July 22. The self-proclaimed 'Macedonian Information Agency' in Skopje reported the meeting under the headline "Efforts made towards speeding up the recognition of the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name."

A separate report, published on the web site of the self-proclaimed "Assembly of Macedonia," stated that the MLA for the electorate of Perth, "underlined that Australian MPs are working on proper acknowledgement of the 'Republic of Macedonia' by Australia".

Following the report's publication, Con Berbatis, National Coordinator for the Australian Hellenic Council wrote to Mr Hyde to seek clarification of the Labor MP's alleged statements, which contravene the Australian Government's stated policy in relation to ongoing discussions on the renaming of the MACEDONIA. Australia recognised the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 1994, using the nomenclature in accordance with the terminology used by the United Nations.

At the instigation of Mr Hyde, Mr Berbatis met with the WA Shadow Minister after his return to Australia on August 15. Also present was Mr Vic Toutountzis, President of WA's Florina Association. According to Mr Berbatis, during the meeting Mr Hyde acknowledged his position as a supporter of what Skopje refers to as the 'constitutional' name of 'the Republic of Macedonia."

"He's heard the arguments and he's not going to budge," Mr Berbatis told Neos Kosmos following the meeting. "He confirmed he supported the constitutional name. He virtually said two things; that many countries, including the United States have accepted the so called 'constitutional' name, and that in his view, many young Greek Australians in particular 'aren't worked up on the issue'." Following the meeting, the Greek Consul to WA Sofia Choli also invited Mr Hyde to share views on the matter, and to discuss the international treaties that are in place regarding MACEDONIA.

Neos Kosmos tried this week to contact Mr Hyde to ask for his version of the events and the issues in question; the following statement from his office was received: "John Hyde has met with representatives of the Pan-Hellenic community here in Perth and the Greek Consul. Mr Hyde is disappointed that he has been recently attributed to misrepresented comments made in cities that he had not even visited."

Con Berbatis told Neos Kosmos that the Australian Hellenic Council WA would now be writing to Stephen Smith, Federal Member for Perth to make the Minister aware of the issues.[/QUOTE]

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