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Risto the Great 01-10-2009 05:54 PM

[QUOTE=Dimko-piperkata;8993]its not quarter to 12 for grease its even quarter past 12[img][/img], they are finished ;) ....can u see/feel it too guys ?[/QUOTE]

I think so too. These are desperate measures by Greece, do they really think this will help them forget the misery of their economy and State?
But I am still left wondering what the next "trick" will be.

Bratot 01-10-2009 06:18 PM

They may pretend to be tough shit, but here is the situation :

1. They have constant hostility vs Turkiye

2. After NATO summit in Bucarest, they have to deal the USA respond ( it's happening )

3. They have 2 million non-greek population

4. We issued them to the court of UN

5. Their government is having too much corruption scandals

6. Lack of watter supplies

7. Summer wildfire

8. Electricity problem

9. Enormous debts


Venom 01-11-2009 04:00 AM

Rioting like never before seen.

Economy going down the drain.

The gas problem.


Bratot 01-12-2009 11:48 AM

ICG: Macedonia's Name: Breaking the Deadlock!

Macedonia’s Name: Breaking the Deadlock

Pristina/Brussels, 12 January 2009: The dispute between Athens and Skopje over Macedonia’s name puts at risk the European Union (EU) and NATO strategy for stabilising the still fragile western Balkans.

Macedonia’s Name: Breaking the Deadlock,* the latest International Crisis
Group briefing, analyses attempts to resolve the dispute, and the consequences of failure for Macedonia and the surrounding region.

Although there is no imminent risk of a return to violence between ethnic Macedonians and the Albanian minority, the disagreement between Skopje and Athens puts at risk the progress achieved since the 2001 Ohrid Agreement that ended an incipient civil war in the one-time Yugoslav republic.

After Greece blocked Macedonia’s NATO entry at the April 2008 Bucharest summit, relations between the two countries deteriorated to levels not seen since the early 1990s. Athens now threatens to similarly oppose the start of Macedonia’s EU membership negotiations. The Macedonian government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski shares some responsibility. Renaming Skopje Airport after Alexander the Great and a number of other moves were seen by Greeks as an offensive appropriation of their Hellenic heritage and a direct provocation.

“By blocking NATO and EU integration, Greece appeared to contravene its undertaking in the 1995 Interim Accord between the two states not to let the name issue stand in the way of Macedonia’s membership of international organisations”, says Sabine Freizer, Crisis Group’s Europe Program Director. “Pending agreement, Skopje should use its provisional name, ‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’, in all multilateral forums, and Athens should drop its veto threats”.

To tackle the issue,[COLOR="Blue"][B] both sides must first rebuild trust. Skopje should avoid provocations and accept the UN mediator’s latest proposal to rename the country as the “Republic of North Macedonia”. Skopje and Athens should undertake to examine the common history of the region in order to reach a basic understanding and avoid references in educational curriculums that offend the national sensibilities of either country. [/B][/COLOR]
Greece should[COLOR="blue"][B] accept the “Macedonian” identity and language [/B][/COLOR]of its northern neighbour bearing in mind that this [COLOR="blue"][B]does not imply exclusivity and does not challenge the application of the same adjective to the inhabitants of the Greek province of Macedonia. [/B][/COLOR]
“This is more than a bilateral dispute between Skopje and Athens. It risks derailing the main strategy of both NATO and the EU for stabilising Macedonia and the region, based on enlargement and integration”, warns Donald Steinberg, Crisis Group Deputy President.

Contacts: Andrew Stroehlein (Brussels) +32 (0) 2 541 1635
Kimberly Abbott (Washington) +1 202 785 1601
To contact Crisis Group media please click here
*Read the full Crisis Group report on our website: [url][/url]

Bratot 01-12-2009 11:53 AM

From the full document:

[QUOTE]Despite considerable progress, [B]Ohrid has not been fully implemented. [COLOR="Blue"]Inter-ethnic tensions and a risk of instability remain. The regional environment is fragile, and the potential for Kosovo to have a destabilising influence on Macedonia, as it did in 2001, continues[/COLOR].[/B] An indefinite [U]delay to NATO and EU integration could undermine what has been achieved in stabilising the country[/U], with consequences that would be particularly harmful not least for Greece itself. The name dispute is more than a bilateral issue between Skopje and Athens. [B]It risks [/B]derailing the main strategy of both NATO and the EU[B] for stabilising [/B]Macedonia and the region through enlargement and integration. Member states should not allow the organisations’ credibility to fall victim to an intractable dispute involving one of their fellow members. [/QUOTE]

They are giving hiden message, a clasic treaten with activating Kosovo as potential danger in order to obey to their demands.

Another interesting part from the full version:


[B]The nationality and language[/B]. The adjectives for nationality and language have emerged as critical since Bucharest. As Skopje has softened its stance on the country’s name, it has insisted that the nationality and language should be acknowledged at the UN as Macedonian, without qualification
[COLOR="Blue"][B]The president and prime minister share this position.[[/B][/COLOR]1] The importance to Macedonians lies in suspicion, not unreasonable given persistent Greek assertions[B] about the artificiality of the Macedonian nation, that behind Greece’s objections to the name lies a denial of the Macedonian nation itself. Athens triedto keep nationality and language off the agenda of the UN talks, asserting they were not part of Nimetz’s mandate[/B].[2] It is reluctant to concede Skopje’s demands, preferring the formula [B]“citizens of North Macedonia”, while perhaps accepting that the language could be called “Makedonski”, in Macedonian[/B], untranslated.[COLOR="Red"][B][3][/B][/COLOR]


[QUOTE][3] Appearing to confirm Macedonians’ concerns about Greek non-recognition of their existence as a nation, a senior Greek official [COLOR="Red"][B]said he did not know of a “Macedonian language”, that there was Bulgarian and Greek, but Macedonian was not an “original language”. He said that, as a goodwill gesture, Athens might accept the use of “Makedonski” for the language, but the question of nationality was more difficult, and that in that case too it could not be translated. [/B][/COLOR]Crisis Group interview, [B]senior Greek official, November 2008.[/B][/QUOTE]

Are you gettin the picture???

El Bre 01-12-2009 02:42 PM

A PDF of the report in it's entirety can be found here;


Risto the Great 01-12-2009 05:53 PM

This is utterly offensive.
Note how it suits [I]them [/I]to include Macedonia in all these organisations (NATO, EU) because it helps them achieve what [I]they [/I]want for the region. This is the same shit as the Treaty of Bucharest almost 100 years earlier. Except now they are pretending to be interested in the opinions of Macedonians (as opposed to simply ignoring them).

Risto the Great 01-12-2009 06:15 PM

[QUOTE]Skopje should avoid provocations[/QUOTE]
What a load of rubbish. Why should it, does it not deserve to be acknowledged as Macedonian and to celebrate its connections with antiquity? Why can Greece rename its airport and EVERYTHING else and not cause provocation?

Macedonians in the Republic are truly victims who will never bite the hand that pretends to feed them.

I note Gareth Evans is President & CEO of the ICG. He was responsible for negating the Macedonian identity in Australia when he was our foreign minister.

From the link: [QUOTE]
Greece should accept the “Macedonian” identity and language of its northern neighbour bearing in mind that this does not imply exclusivity.[/QUOTE]

Tell me Gareth, who else does the Macedonian language [I]and [/I]identity belong to?

Risto the Great 01-12-2009 06:22 PM

From the overview, this is what they want. Only a victim would accept such disgraceful measures to destroy the Macedonian identity:
[QUOTE]In order to rebuild trust and finally resolve the name dispute, the following steps should be taken:

* Skopje should reverse its decision to rename its airport after Alexander the Great and desist from similar moves certain to provoke Athens;
* Skopje and Athens should jointly examine the common history of the region, with a view to avoiding references in their respective educational curricula that offend the other’s national sensitivities;
* both sides should reaffirm their commitment to the Interim Accord, and pending agreement on the name, Skopje should use only the provisional form “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” in all multilateral organisations, while Athens should drop its veto threats at NATO and the EU;
* Skopje should publicly state its readiness to accept the latest proposal of the UN mediator that “Republic of North Macedonia” be the name for all international purposes;
* Athens should respond by acknowledging the national identity and language of its northern neigh*bour as “Macedonian” and accepting Skopje’s assurance that use of that adjective does not imply any exclusivity or territorial claim over the northern Greek province of Macedonia; and
* other NATO and EU member states should actively encourage Athens to unblock Macedonia’s integration into both organisations and to respond positively to Skopje’s concessions on the country’s name.[/QUOTE]

Historical revisionism is what the ICG wants. What happens when we show them new documents, does the Macedonian identity change as we earn more "historical points"? The right to self-identification does not sit well with these idiots it would appear.

Risto the Great 01-12-2009 06:24 PM

If any Macedonian sees anything positive from this. Let me know so I can arrange for you to be immediately collared.

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