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indigen 07-10-2010 01:13 AM

[QUOTE=vodenka;63472]If legality was a priority in UN, Macedonia should have been accepted with its [COLOR="Red"]constitutional name,[/COLOR] [B]chosen by its citizens by a referendum[/B]![/quote]
FYI, a). Macedonia does NOT have a "constitutional name" and b). It was NOT "chosen by its citizens by a referendum"!!!

IMO, it would be wise for people to FIRST inform themselves fully before presuming to know it all and spreading ignorance and fallacies at the expense of Macedonian dignity and integrity.

[QUOTE]They did not care to solve the name issue, back then: they could have stopped the negotiations 7 years after the Interrim Agreement was signed, as it was agreed, but they did not do it. Why?[/QUOTE]

The "IA" should NEVER have been signed in the first place and should be (and could have been, at any time) declared null and void! The IA required/requires that Macedonia give up its flag, and thus relinquish claims to its rightful ancient Macedonian heritage, which also suited the Slavomani, Kosmopoliti, Bugaromani, and all the other mani and dushmani of the indigenous Macedonians, to enter ALL international organisations where HR is a member (and has objections to Macedonia's rightful and historical name, which is most places) under "provisional reference" (PR) and engage in "discussions" (NOT NEGOTIATIONS) about the "differences" over RM's name for international use. RM government is now suing HR at ICJ in order to enforce the IA and force HR to adhere to it. How STUPID and anti-Macedonian is that?

Secondly, you will find that the "MUDRIOT LISEC" (Gligorov) and his SDSM Associates committed to name "discussions" by joining the UN under the PR and its special attached conditions. Thus the "PR" must also be annulled for name "discussions" to cease!

Eddie_rebel 07-10-2010 05:50 AM

[QUOTE=julie;63107]Macedonians in Macedonia - nay budali prosti narod vo svetot[/QUOTE]

:ohmy: Thanks for the compliment. :mad:

So why don't you come to Macedonia and educate us?

Prolet 07-10-2010 06:03 AM

Julie, Do you really mean that??

Eddie_Rebel, I think its more to do with the Komunjari like Crvenkovski and those who support him.

julie 07-10-2010 06:03 AM

[QUOTE=Eddie_rebel;63497]:ohmy: Thanks for the compliment. :mad:

So why don't you come to Macedonia and educate us?[/QUOTE]

Independent Republic of Macedonia (Vardar), you proposing a suffix anxd prefix to the name Macedonia to enter the EU?
Flag is gone, name is about to go , quite obviously with the support of the citizens of RoM
You dont realise, we are not wanting basic human rights to be eroded in RoM,
are there people there in that much apathy , is it fear, what is it???

It makes me cross, and am very passionate and an advocate for basic human rights. It is the beginning of the end
EU is not Jesus, the saviour for RoM, it is the anti-christ. Go ahead change the name, then scratch your heads when you are imposed taxes and dont have food on the table to feed the HellAss debt. ANd why dont you all just hand over RoM abd partition it whilst you are all there, are people so stupid there?

Please enlighten me if you are a citizen, why you would contemplate giving up your name. because the writing is on the wall bratko, and once it goes through nothing will help RoM, RoM has no friends, can you not see that?
This is why people in the diaspora can see exactly the games western world is playing with you, we are against that , for our people. I have first cousins there, very close, and the apathy I cant begin to understand.
I understand it is a poor economy and the region was destabilisied intentionally by yankee doodle dandy landy with the Albanian so called minority. What I dont understand is HOW you think the country will benefit = the western world does not give a shit, they will never come to the defense of RoM.

I love my Macedonian name and I love my people. My mothers Egeyska Makedonia has been in deep shit since the gragaynskata voyna, why my fathers slobodno part I will willingly give up?

julie 07-10-2010 06:08 AM

[QUOTE=Prolet;63498]Julie, Do you really mean that??

Eddie_Rebel, I think its more to do with the Komunjari like Crvenkovski and those who support him.[/QUOTE]

Prolet , you can be stupid too. I have been reading your posts and you have changed your mind over those beloved gruevski and crvenkovski followers.
The people are pathetic, they cannot see how serious this is

Prost budal narod.
I stand by that

Let us watch them go down the gurgler thinking God is the EU and Jesus Christ is yankee doodle.

Prolet, pleased answer my question

are YOU an advocate for name change, yes or no.

julie 07-10-2010 06:10 AM

[url=]YouTube - Macedonian Patriotic song - Ogan da go gori[/url]

Eddie_rebel 07-10-2010 06:18 AM

You hаve just insulted 2 million Macedonians by saying "Macedonians in Macedonia - nay budali prosti narod vo svetot" нека ти служи на чест!

One can say that Macedonians in Australia are stupid just becouse Macedonia for Australia is FYROM. One can say that Macedonians in USA are stupid just becouse they have USA pasport and no macedonian. And for you one can say that you are not Macedonian enough becouse you don't know Macedonian language.

In other words it's easy to insult and blame others. Прво исчисти си го твојот двор па после жали се на тој на комшијата!

RoM е.ати кованицата, пиши Р. Македонија толку ли е тешко

julie 07-10-2010 06:27 AM

vitsovi kolku shto sakash kazhuvay.
Australia ke priznay Makedonia koga ja frli ramkovskotot odgovor, chekat narodo da stani na nodse. Neznam kako ti me svaykash, yas se boram za chovechki prava za moy mil maychin narod Makedonski, ti pak veli moy dvor da go ischistam.

Nemozhish da vidish oti sve ke izgubime nie. Znameto si go dadovme, sega imeto. Narodo treba da si go zachuvat imeto litchno Makedonsko
Majkime rodena vo egeyskiot del na Makedonia, tatkomi e roden bo vardarskiot del .
Baram toa parche do ostani slobodna. Shiptatite ke skoknat, ke videsh i nema da mu e gayle na nikoy, samo nie sme borime za nishto aka bie vo republikata ne vi e gayle. Ke ve kladi EU vo toku golem borj da im playkata glupostvite na Grtsia.
Shto pokrepe vi treba poveke od diapsorate koga view sami ne prifajkate oti nie sme borime ZA VAS<
ti pak smeyse oti ne zboruvam Makedosnki kako shto zboruvash ti. Ne puli toa, ama puli shto ogan ke gori tamu, nema nikakva pkrepe da imate od strantsvo, toa probame, da vi kazhime, nie diasporate poveketo se borame za chovechki paravina i imeto litchno Makedonsko da ostini. Ako vas ne vi e gayle, na dusha da nosite
Koga velam oti nay budal narod, slepi se tie shto odat po politikata shto se vodi sega.

As Prolet exzplained to you its the followers of that drunk Crvenkovski and that traitor Gruevski that I meant that for.

I love my people, they are my blood.

Eddie_rebel 07-10-2010 06:35 AM

You fight for human rights of Macedonians? You love macedonian people? А јас пак се чудам кој тоа рече "Macedonians in Macedonia - nay budali prosti narod vo svetot"

Само каква дволичност. Кажи извини и не туку го дрви колку многу си помогнала и мислела за Македонија.

julie 07-10-2010 06:45 AM

Eddi Rebel, read my posts. 1500 of them. Then you will know who I am.

Sy you are one of those that support prefixes and suffixes for the Macedonian name?
Do you want a name change?

You want entry into EU?
You support the traiterous treasonous politics behind Crvenkovski and Gruevski?

Do you even care?

I want nothing to do with you Bratko.

Good evening.

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