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Soldier of Macedon 01-12-2009 06:54 PM

[QUOTE]Renaming Skopje Airport after Alexander the Great and a number of other moves were seen by Greeks as an offensive appropriation of their Hellenic heritage and a direct provocation.[/QUOTE]
When Athens decides to stop renaming and stamping with the Macedonian sun everything from airports to salt packages to sewer drain lids to gas masks, then we will talk.

Macedonian heritage belongs to the people of Macedonia, not to Greece. The latter's actions are a direct provocation against the Macedonians and they will not go unchallenged.

The "Hellenic" heritage, pfft, that's why the Greeks begged the Romans to come to SE Europe so they can be saved from the Macedonians.

El Bre 01-12-2009 07:03 PM

It's all moot anyway. Even if Grujo and company agreed to change the name of the country to the "Republic of Macedonia is Greek (4000 years)" the Greeks would do a Jonestown before they agreed to Macedonian as the language and identity of our people. We all know it's not simply about the name of the country, it's about finishing what was started 100 years ago.

Venom 01-12-2009 08:34 PM

Guys it's exactly as you say it is. They stamp Macedonia on everything from fucking salt packets to condoms yet Skopje is provoking Athens? What about Athens provoking Skopje? Oh nah, that is okay, we [I]created [/I]Athens.

The part about history is rich: France and Germany examining history: the two very countries who created greece decided in greece's fate? Wonderful.

Gareth Evans, noted anti-Macedonian and very pro-greek is the CEO of this?

Unless there is something I am missing entirely everyone responsible for this should be tied up by the fucking balls.

Bratot 01-12-2009 08:43 PM

They threaten us with a new crisis from Kosovo.

Isn't that absurdity, a territory which is under their control - NATO&EU, to be a factor of instability????

So who the heck is the agressor here?

Answer: NATO&EU

They openly "advice" us to agree with their demands or.. they would "not" be able to stop next "ethnic crisis" in Macedonia and the region.

I personally dont know how to react, to laugh or cry on this "NEW BRIEFING".

What kind of group they actually are?

[B]International group of managing&provocing crisis.[/B]

Risto the Great 01-12-2009 11:25 PM

[QUOTE=Bratot;9145]They threaten us with a new crisis from Kosovo[/QUOTE]
I saw that but I thought maybe I was reading too much into it. But you are right. Don't do what we say and we will send the Albanians from Kosovo in. This little lobby group (ICG) has motivations that we will never understand and rest assured their intentions are not as transparent as they would like anyone to believe.

The International Crisis Group was founded in 1995 by World Bank Vice-President Mark Malloch Brown, former US diplomat Morton Abramowitz and Fred Cuny, an international disaster relief specialist who disappeared in Chechnya in 1995. Their aim was to create an organisation, wholly independent from any government, to assist governments, intergovernmental bodies and the international community at large in preventing deadly conflict.[/QUOTE]

Who funds them:
The ubiquitous George Soros is known to fund this group. I note he does not appear on the list included on the link above.
Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group

Aside from the Open Society Institute (OSI), present in almost fifty countries, George Soros has created or financed several very important and prestigious associations and foundations the Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group.
Human Rights Watch (HRW) was one of the humanitarian organizations that submitted most of the evidences and documents against the crimes attributed to Slobodan Milosevic, thus justifying NATO intervention in Serbia. A significant part of the accusations made by this association has not yet been confirmed by the International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia.
The International Crisis Group (ICG) was created in 1994 as a non-governmental (NGO) diplomatic organization, headed by the US Democratic Senator George Mitchell (who, later gave his name to the Report on the Israeli-Palestinian Question). Actively working in Burundi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone (African countries) at the beginning, the ICG was getting closer to NATO on the Yugoslavian crisis. It is currently presided over by Martti Ahtisaari, the former President of Finland who pretended to be negotiating with Milosevic to prevent the war. His Administrative Council gathers the elite of NATO personalities. By his side, former national security advisors like Richard Allen and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Kuwaiti Prince Saud Nasir Al-Sabah, the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for Former Yugoslavia, Louise Arbour, and former NATO Supreme Commander during the Yugoslavian War, General Wesley Clark. We also find some financial links like former President of The Philippines, Fidel Ramos, or the Russian oligarch Mijaíl Khodorkovsky, all of them members of the Carlyle Group. Likewise, some French personalities like Simone Veil, President of the Shoah Memorial, and journalist Christine Ockrent, wife of former Kosovo governor, Bernard Kouchner. In 2001, George Soros created the Democracy Coalition Project (DCP) in charge of encouraging the non-governmental forum beside the summit meetings of the Community of Democracies organized by the United States State Department.
His agency includes the most important neoliberal economists. Likewise, he created a Network Media Program that bought the archives of the Radio Free Europe (one of its former leaders, Herbert Okun, forms part of OSI management), the CIA radio station during the Cold War. Besides, he has subsidized several "independent" mass media stations like B92 radio during the Yugoslavian War and today the "free" newspapers in Iraq. He controls the Project Syndicate, a mass media agency publishing editorials on political personalities in 181 international daily papers. These authors include a great number of ICG managers, as well as the cream of neoliberal economists. [3].[/QUOTE]

TerraNova 01-13-2009 03:17 AM

[QUOTE=Bratot;8879]One of the Karamanlis proposals for the ministry of Culture is Antonis Samaras.

His motivation to decide for Samaras come back as we could hear, were the latelly "agresive" politics by Macedonian government with renaming the highway,airport, sport arenas, squares etc.

Obviously, the intentions of Karamanlis are to answer proportionally and to "Makedonize" the rest of his artificialy Hellenized nation.


You re totally out of the point.
Karamanlis is trying to reduce Dora's influence inside the party.

Samaras is the most hated person for Mitsotakis' family (it was him,and the founding of a new political party in 1993,which resulted the collapse of Mitsotakis' one and only Prime-ministry 90-93).

Believe me...Greek government cares very little about RoM. It will deal again with it,in the next NATO conference..;)

You study too much about Greek news....i thought you would start understanding it more!:)

Soldier of Macedon 01-13-2009 03:46 AM

Trouble in paradise between Dora and Kosta? Damn, so much for the combined Albano-Turk pillars of "Hellenism".....

TerraNova 01-13-2009 04:26 AM

[QUOTE=Soldier of Macedon;9168]Trouble in paradise between Dora and Kosta? Damn, so much for the combined Albano-Turk pillars of "Hellenism".....[/QUOTE]

What about Mr.Gruios grandson? :D

Soldier of Macedon 01-13-2009 04:55 AM

What about him? Did he fight anywhere apart from Macedonia? Did he fight to protect Athens? Any other part of Greece? Come on, you've got to come up with something better than that, did you expect the Macedonians in Greece just to sit by and watch the Italians walk in? You racists have no respect even for the minorities that fought for the miserable land that unfortunately falls within Greek borders.

Your "Hellenism" reminds me of "Australianism", anybody from anywhere that settles here and speaks the english language is an Australian.

TerraNova 01-13-2009 04:57 AM

[QUOTE=Soldier of Macedon;9176]What about him? Did he fight anywhere apart from Macedonia? Did he fight to protect Athens? Any other part of Greece?[/QUOTE]

The Greek-Italian war (Oct 1940-Apr 1941) was fought on the mountains of Epirus.

Epirus is not Macedonia.

Just for your info.


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