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Risto the Great 11-16-2009 04:27 PM

This extreme and unrealistic aspiration of the Greeks is one of the oldest cons in the book. They will then consider it a compromise when Macedonia merely changes its name for bi-lateral use and retains its .mk internet ID etc.

I have no idea why Macedonia is still playing this demeaning game.

Bill77 11-16-2009 04:34 PM

[QUOTE=George S.;27166]Isn't it funny how the first blockade by greece was totally illegal & greece was allowed to use the blockade with hardly a finger lifted.Greece was taken to court over that blockade & nothing happened.Macedonia suffered immensly & was not compensated.We hope there is no blockade this time.[B]Greece does not want the double name formula [/B]& it's not going to give concessions to Macedonia.[/QUOTE]George, i think Greece does not mind a double name formula,(but then again who knows what these sligh bastards realy want) there issue is they want the world to use The DF name not just for there country to use. Regarding the blockade and if you are refering to border closes, i still don't understand how it effects us more than it effects them. We are one of the gate ways to rest of europe so close it and stuff them, let them go around. And the only time we reopen is when they get up on public stage (just like Aus Gov did yesturday) and apoligise for the forgoten Macedonians and all the other injustice acts they performed.

The LION will ROAR 11-16-2009 05:39 PM

End the Negotiations Now!
Monday, 16 November 2009

The latest requests by Athens for Macedonia to "stop using its name inside the country (not just outside), give up its name, history, books..." are only few of the latest psychotic requests by Athens.

The Macedonian Government is looking more ridiculous as each day passes. Their Hollywood Soap Opera acting must end. We all clearly understand that our policitians have been just trying to look as a side who is 'willing' to negotiate for EU integration purposes, bust mostly to remove the visa barrier.

Now that the visa barrier is removed, put an end to the acting, which one must admit, is looking more and more like watching the Love Guru.

"How will Macedonia respond?" are headlines all over the region (even in Macedonian media) as if Athens is offering Solun and Halkidiki back to Macedonia.

This evening Macedonian politicians led by the Prime Minister are meeting to discuss the name negotiations. Ridiculous, and shameful. What is there to discuss?

Athens latest requests, came as an answer to their panic for not being able to transfer the name dispute from New York to Brussels after months of trying. These demands are an open request for Macedonia to end the negotiations, and the reason for this is because Athens can not win in New York, only in Brussels. When the negotiations end (hopefully very soon), Athens will claim itself as the 'winner' for domestic consumption. Athens knows it is in a dispute it can not win hence the outrageous demands.

Is Macedonia now in the abyss? On contrary, Macedonia can easily be the winner in all this. The Government in Skopje can push for a UN resolution, it has the votes and the recognitions of 125 countries. Athens' got squat.

Two Things must happen tonight: Macedonia Must Immediately put an End to the Negotiations at the UN. Macedonia Must Immediatelly push for a UN Resolution seeking membership under its Constitutional Name.

It's easy for Macedonia to accomplish this as most World Powers recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name.

End The Charades NOW.

Risto the Great 11-16-2009 05:53 PM

[QUOTE=The LION will ROAR;27174]
"How will Macedonia respond?" are headlines all over the region (even in Macedonian media) as if Athens is offering Solun and Halkidiki back to Macedonia.[/QUOTE]
What the hell is in it for Macedonia?

The LION will ROAR 11-16-2009 09:08 PM

Greece returns to 1992 positions, TV Kanal 5 reports
Skopje, November 15 (MIA) - Greece returns to the 1992 positions, promoted by former Foreign Minister Andonis Samaras, reported late Saturday TV Kanal 5.
According to the Greek strategy presented to UN mediator Nimetz, the only possible solution to the row is name Republic of Northern Macedonia, rejecting the possibility of putting Northern at the beginning of the name. Thus, Athens goes against the historic continuity and acquired right of the country through the 1946, 1963 and 1974 constitutions as part of former Yugoslavia, when it had been recognized by the southern neighbor as People's and Socialist before Republic of Macedonia. Greece would renounce from determinant Northern only if Macedonia agrees to term New, which would also precede Macedonia, whereas the nation would be called New Macedonian.
Greece does not concede from the full use of the new name in international relations, but also for internal use. The current use of the constitutional name would be used only in informal communication within the country and with countries-friends, but not in official correspondence. All administrative documents abroad and at home, memos, letters, agreements and similar documents should include the new name. The new name could also be put on the new identity cards, but there is a possibility that Athens agrees tacitly on the current name.
All 127 countries that have recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name should also accept the new name, along with its use in international institutions.
Athens would also insist in further talks that adjective Northern is used for the nation and the language, as well as the ethnic identity.
Moreover, the current use of name Macedonia for commercial purposes is also unacceptable for Greece, which requires that all products bound for EU member-states to lose prefix Macedonia and acquire the new one. International code MK should also be altered, as well as Internet domain .mk into .sm or .nm depending on the new name.
The absurdity of the Greek positions is best seen in the requirement that Macedonian maps and instruction books in the future do not use Macedonian toponyms for villages and cities in Greece, thus using Edessa instead of Lerin or Thessaloniki instead of Solun.
According to Kanal 5 TV station, Nimetz was shocked by the requirements presented by Vassilakis and should decide whether there is any point in scheduling a joint meeting with the countries' negotiators through consultations with top western diplomats. ik/fd/10:47
[B]I don't think Greece understand the term "Negotiations"...?
This is a better reason why to STOP all talks with these NAZI'S....!![/B]

Prolet 11-16-2009 09:23 PM

What a slap in the face this is, we might aswell add Egejska Makedonija in the negotiation process and see what the Greeks say about it. They are totally not committed and its like they dont want a solution.

Its 1992 all over again only this time it will be much more difficult for the Greeks to lay out their embargoes,blackmails and threats against us.

Bill77 11-16-2009 09:54 PM

What an amazing turn around From Greece. I am just wandering, is there something they know what we don't know? all this after the meeting between SDSM and the greek Bitch. Or is there something in the coments made by the Albanian coalition party that presured the government to agree on the name issue by Dec otherwise they go in EU alone comments (don't know how that would be possible). Are the latest internal matters i just mentioned just a coincidence, or like i said, something Greece know and are involved internaly and this imposible requests is a strategic move.

Dejan 11-16-2009 09:58 PM

It sounds like one last push for athens to try and make us change our name.

Soldier of Macedon 11-16-2009 10:04 PM

How about if there was a bilateral name (with Greece only) such as Upper or North Macedonia, but the Macedonian language and identity were acknowledged as Macedonian by Greece, inside and out of Greece?

That still wouldn't solve the problem of the team shirt example.

Bill77 11-16-2009 10:14 PM

[QUOTE=Dejan;27189]It sounds like one last push for athens to try and make us change our name.[/QUOTE]One last push before what Dejan? They could have continued with there curent stance and veto Macedonians entry again and maintain the status quo.

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