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Soldier of Macedon 07-02-2020 08:43 PM

[QUOTE]Residents of Greece’s northern neighbour are not content with using the name “North Macedonia” and are trying to create a backdoor to force Greece to accept calling them “Macedonia.” Skopje’s unprecedented claim was made during negotiations between the two countries’ defence ministries for the drafting of the Military Cooperation Program for the year 2020. “As for the signing and implementation of the 2020 Military Cooperation Program (SFP) with North Macedonia, the Official Association of Skopje stated the sudden change in attitude of this country and specifically that it seeks to use the acronym MKD [Macedonia] instead of RNM [Republic of North Macedonia],” a confidential document of the Greek military, which was published by Proto Thema, revealed.

“In Action Plan 2019 with North Macedonia, which was signed against PSS 2019, as well as in all relevant actions, the abbreviation RNM was used with the consent of that country,” the Greek military document reads. As seen in the note, which is classified as confidential, the view of the General Staff of the National Defence is “not to sign the PSS 2020 with the abbreviation MKD” and “to seek the use of the names of the countries in full (Greece – Republic of North Macedonia or North Macedonia) in order to overcome the issue of abbreviations and to sign the PSS 2020 Greece-Northern Macedonia as soon as possible and to implement its actions.” Dimitris Giannakakis, Greece’s ambassador to Skopje, in a telegram dated June 19, 2020, which was classified as confidential and urgent, emphasises that the text of the Military Cooperation Program has been a product of negotiations for almost a year and it had been accepted by the Greek military, which had instructed him to sign it.”

Informing the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defence about the demands of Greece’s northern neighbour, Ambassador Giannakakis notes that the Skopje interlocutors to the Greek officer who handled the negotiations for the finalisation of the Program of Important Military Replacement and Technical Cooperation said something “orally that they want MKD. He then received an email requesting a change, without further ado.” Below is the email from the Ministry of Defence of Skopje, which asked to change the abbreviation of the name of the neighbouring country for the Military Cooperation Program with Greece for the year 2020 to MKD. Responding to the people of Skopje, the following defence of the Greek embassy in Skopje asked for time to inform the Greek military about the demands and to receive instructions.

In a confidential and urgent telegram to the Foreign Ministry’s central office, the Greek ambassador to Skopje stressed that Europeans do not share Greek arguments for the need to use the RNM abbreviation. “At least our EU interlocutors here understand that the original RNMs are widely used in the context of public administration. However, they accept the argument here that the initials MK and MKD are provided for in Article 1.3 (e) of the Prespa Agreement for all cases and do not favour our argument that the abbreviations used for Northern Macedonia in the context of the EU and NATO. They need a different regulation,” noted Ambassador Giannakakis. A document from Dimitris Giannakakis, Greece’s ambassador to Skopje, claims that their country is referred to as MKD in many instances. “The country codes for the car plates of the second part (Skopje) shall be NM and NMK. For all other purposes, country codes remain MK and MKD, as officially rendered by the International Organization for Standardization (ILO),” the document said.[/QUOTE]

Soldier of Macedon 07-21-2021 01:42 AM

From post 4849 on this thread.
[QUOTE=Tomche Makedonche;176149]So just to recap, in his interview with the BBC published on 2 August 2017, Nimitz was quoted as saying the following:
[QUOTE]"We're not negotiating identity. If we were, I'd be out of here."[/QUOTE]
Whilst in his most recent interview with BIRN published on 5 September 2018, Nimitz is quoted as saying the following:
[QUOTE]Some opponents of the deal have tried to say key issues of Macedonian identity, nationality and language were never part of the negotiations.

Nimetz insists the talks always included these issues.

“The ‘name’ issue was what people talked about because the name of the state was the dominant issue in people’s perception but historians, when they go into the history of the talks, will find many, many, papers and proposals that deal with these [other] issues,” he says.

“In the UN, for every country there is a protocol, a sheet of paper in the administration for every country that says: name of the state: United States of America, capital city: Washington DC, nationality: American, language English; short name: United States,” he recalls.

“So, we have the same for your country and it says, name: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; capital, Skopje; and then nationality? So, what do we put there? Language? So, it was always an issue, and the entire package could have not been solved without that because it would have opened new controversies,” he explains.[/QUOTE]

Mr Nimitz, you are a purposely deceptive despicable liar[/QUOTE]
And here is what this useless and overpaid moron stated a few days ago.

18 July 21 - (Translation) The uniqueness of the Macedonian language is universally recognized and confirmed in the United Nations, says former mediator in the name dispute Matthew Nimetz. Nimetz in an interview with Channel 5, asked about the Sofia-Skopje relations, and that the identity and language were not part of the Prespa Agreement, but was put on the table by Bulgaria, clarified that for the Greek side the problem was not the identity but the name of the language, and in this case it is a different dispute.

These questions are unique, there were situations that were similar, but not so similar. You know the Prespa Agreement refers to language, it does not use the word identity because it is not a legal word. The Macedonian language has been accepted for a long time and people all over the world know that the Macedonian language exists. The dispute with Greece was not about the language at all, but about the name of the language. In other words, the Greek side had no problem with you having a nice language, a special language. But their problem was that if it was called the Macedonian language, it could give the impression that it had a connection with the ancient Macedonians. The dispute with Bulgaria is different in terms of the origin of the languages. "I am not an expert on that, it was not an issue in the Prespa Agreement, but it is an issue they want to discuss, so it is a subject of discussion," Nimetz said.

Asked if one can discuss one's identity, which is an inner sense of belonging, Nimetz is adamant that identity can not be negotiated.

- No, you can not. There were, and still are, internal feelings between Greece and Northern Macedonia. People in Northern Macedonia are emotional about it and people in the Greek region of Macedonia are still emotional. "You are not driven by emotions, but you can reach an agreement on how you talk about it, how you articulate it, with respect for different opinions on sensitive historical or emotional issues," said the US diplomat.

Ambassador Nimetz believes that mediation is not needed to overcome the misunderstandings between Skopje and Sofia, but that both sides should resolve the issue themselves, as well as whether they need mediation.

- One mediation in life is enough. Also, mediation or a solution with Bulgaria should not last 20 years, it should not last even 20 months, in my opinion. But the two countries have to decide for themselves. "Whether they need a mediator or not is up to them, not someone from outside," said Matthew Nimetz, a former mediator in the name dispute.[/QUOTE]
Says the duplicitous maggot who pretended to be a mediator between Macedonia and Greece for 20 years. Matthew Nimetz - forever an enemy of Macedonia.

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