Archaeological adventure-Erigon road

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  • DedoAleko
    • Jun 2009
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    Archaeological adventure-Erigon road

    This is interesting documentary made by Alfa tv station in which (link)Prof. Dr. Viktor Lilcic shows and explains Alexander Makedon's journey.
    Pity there are no eng subs so wider audiance can fully understand.

    Link:Archaeological adventure-Erigon road ep.1

    Link:Archaeological adventure-Erigon road ep.2

    Link: Archaeological adventure-Erigon road ep.3

    Link: Archaeological adventure-Erigon road ep.4

    Link: Archaeological adventure-Erigon road ep.5
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  • Amphipolis
    • Aug 2014
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    Which journey (or journeys) is that supposed to be? Can someone mention the path (per episode)?


    • Soldier of Macedon
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
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      It was right after the Danube expedition. The Macedonians were heading south towards the lands of the Paeonians and Agrianes, where, upon arriving, Alexander was informed of a revolt among the Illyrians. So he travelled south-west along the Erigon (which is now known as Crna Reka / Tsrna Reka and is entirely in today's Macedonian republic) until he reached Pelium (in what is now known as Gorna Gorica, a Macedonian-speaking village in today's eastern Albania). I haven't watched all of the videos, but at about 2:30 in the first clip a guy shows a map of the route.
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      • Dejan
        • Sep 2008
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        I enjoyed this doco. Fala DedoAleko, good find
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        • George S.
          Senior Member
          • Aug 2009
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          Thats a great find DA the videos are captivating.
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