It's Important to understand ourselves

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  • blackcactus
    • Sep 2008
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    It's Important to understand ourselves


    This is important to us because we debate news/issues everyday

    We often see the same information differently (many threads reflect this), this study may explain some of what is happening, it's likely that we can't actually help the way we see the World

    Positive people (about 80% of us) tend to filter out negativity, it's actually difficult to have negative thoughts

    Negative people (the remaining 20%) have the opposite filter

    Link to artcle below:

    One reason optimists retain a positive outlook on life despite all evidence to the contrary has been discovered, say researchers.


    "Pick and choose

    When the news was positive, all people had more activity in the brain's frontal lobes, which are associated with processing errors. With negative information, the most optimistic people had the least activity in the frontal lobes, while the least optimistic had the most.

    It suggests the brain is picking and choosing which evidence to listen to."
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  • makedonche
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    • Oct 2008
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    Interesting stuff!
    On Delchev's sarcophagus you can read the following inscription: "We swear the future generations to bury these sacred bones in the capital of Independent Macedonia. August 1923 Illinden"


    • Risto the Great
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
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      Originally posted by makedonche View Post
      Interesting stuff!
      No no ... not interesting at all.

      ... lol ... just being the negative person on the thread.
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