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  • makedonin
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    • Sep 2008
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    Originally posted by Vangelovski View Post
    That is not necessarily so - many things exist without our knowledge. There may be millions of planets that exist that we do not know of. Just because we are not aware of something, that does not mean it does not exist. Even if there were no human beings on the earth, the sun would still exist, regardless of whether there was anyone to 'observe' it.
    You haven't understand what I said. I said the same what you said here. Those natural phenomenons exist regardless of weather someone testify their existence, that much we agree upon.

    But, the question weather something objectively exists and is true will be asked than and only then when observers i.e. subjects come in play.

    The very question is subjective, therefore only one subject can't give probable answer. Then the real question would be how subjects can establish knowledge what is objective and independent from their own mind and existence? Knowledge about existence of any given objective phenomenon is established for the inquiring subjects only if the given objective phenomenon is accessible for observation and can be identified (observed), examined and verified by many independent subjects. Than and only than this is a objective phenomenon when the given phenomenon does not appear that it changes it's properties dependent on any additional subjective observation.

    Simply said, it does not really matter if there are objective morals if they can't be easily identified, observed, investigated, examined and verified by all subject that are concerned.

    The very questioning about objective morals is arising from subjects who have made observation of different moral systems, and haven't yet identified (observed), examined and verified something like objective morals.
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    To enquire after the impression behind an idea is the way to remove disputes concerning nature and reality.


    • fyrOM
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      Originally posted by Bill77 View Post
      I don't think the jews (People) are to blame nor the "Temple aristocracy," as the pope suggesting is to blame. Why, because it was pre destined according to scripture. If anything Christians should be thankful towards the Jews for playing part in Gods plan. If the crucifixion did not happen, Christians would not be Christians today.

      It was written and Jews can not be blamed.
      His accusers may have been the "Temple aristocracy" but it was the crowd of Jews that condemned Him and said to Pontius Pilot crucify Him...remember the washing of the hands and "let it be on your heads."

      Politics puts a wonderful twist on religion when according to the cathos the pope has the right to make things up as he goes along.

      By your reasoning above then should we also be thankful to Judas for playing his part"?

      The priciple behind"I Knew you before you were born", remember.

      I wonder if God, the Atheists, Agnostics and anyone Iv'e missed out, would agree that the amount of time and energy put into this thread could have been better used in formulating a solution to Macedonia's problems and a plan for the unification and a better future for all Macedonians?
      Couldn't agree more...what a waste of time.