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  • Makedonetz
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    • Apr 2010
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    The greeks allow them these rights because they probaly say thay have greek origin in their language. This is by far one weird language
    Makedoncite se borat
    za svoite pravdini!

    "The one who works for joining of Macedonia to Bulgaria,Greece or Serbia can consider himself as a good Bulgarian, Greek or Serb, but not a good Macedonian"
    - Goce Delchev


    • Onur
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      • Apr 2010
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      I recently found the webpage of a newspaper called "Zagalisa". It`s getting published specifically for the Pomak community in Greece. It`s funded and delivered to the Pomaks for free by fascist LAOS party and Greek government. Ofc it`s full of pathetic claims of Greek propaganda and as usual, never ending Turkish-hate!!!

      It`s good for shits and giggles. The articles are in Greek and this is google translation but it looks quite OK. Here are some of their articles;

      Usual fabricated stories of big bad Turks!;
      My mother, my own mom

      My mother,
      Three Turks came
      Your daughter to get
      Do not let my mom
      Turks take to Nineteen year old daughter
      growing up In Greek black soil
      In Greek green meadow
      Red flowers in meadow
      Fruit trees and green shadows
      How will endure my mom
      Turks to get me

      After all the folk songs are the songs of the people. Through folk songs that ordinary people of older ages had the opportunity to sing for the suffering, the pains, joys, sorrows, etc. The brutality of the Turks was not limited only to massacre women and children and elders. Those women were by force the Ottomans faced a daily physical and mental rape.

      So now everyone should put aside their servility and the Janissaries and replace the genocidal offensive slogan of the Turkish minority of speech and truth: We are proud that we Pomaks!
      Turks are bad and we Pomaks are not related with them but with the beautiful Hellenes!!!

      Turks copied Greek symbol of crescent+star, just like Macedonians copied 16 ray sun symbol of Greeks!!!;
      Regarding the "Turkish" flag! A Byzantine / Christian symbol "borrowed" the Ottomans

      When the Ottomans arrived in the region of Asia Minor (but mostly the Seljuks, who copied a lot of things the more culturally Byzantium), "borrowed" the crescent of the Byzantines and gradually became the emblem of the Ottoman Empire.

      We regret that this presentation, we will upset the Janissaries Pomaks to see the Turkish flag and feel chills. They recommend not to feel both national shivering and also suffering because they think that this symbol was a symbol of Christian saints. Let us therefore retain their national emotion, why else would risk We accuse them of wanting to make Christians Pomaks ...
      Ofc, idiots who wrote this thinks that Turks started to use crescent+star after Ottomans but he doesn't know that this symbol was present in all Turkic states after 6th century.

      You Skopians, take your hands off from Pomaks of Greece and Alexander the Great. Both are ancient Hellenic only!!!:
      Hands off the Pomaks!

      Skopje comedy, Macedonians Encyclopedia

      From the old Skopianoi had raised claims against Greek Pomaks of Thrace, claiming that the latter are Islamised Macedonians. On the issue but the "Makedonikis Encyclopedia" by the Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) FYROM in September 2009, the case became more serious. The Skopje rampant unbridled imagination and are rather difficult to follow.

      As for the self-proclaimed Macedonians in Greece, urge them to continue to cooperate with the Turks in Thrace our Genocide (clubs, committees, media) and will soon see the benefits of this fascist cooperation based solely on public hate against Greece.
      Apparently, there are some Makedonski in Greece who cooperate with Turks of western Thrace and these people are bad bad fascist Skopiani who works with evil Turks to create hate against Greece. Hellenic Pomaks condemns both!!!

      We, the hellenic Pomaks finally see the light and learn that Ataturk didn't even born in Salonika and this was just a Turkish lie!!!;

      The Zagalisa reveals today after a careful site investigation of several months, that the claim of the birth of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) in Thessaloniki is a big and beautiful TALE, To mock the Turks themselves, but many Muslims in Thrace. A time will prove how easily the Turks used the lie to achieve their goals. But the truth is hidden, and to use their own start saying 'The sun is hidden in the mud! "

      In 1934 the Greek government posted outside the house-monkey, a sign which stated that "Here was born Mustafa Kemal. The Turks were happy for the unexpected Greek gift, took monkey-house and then brought monkey furniture and other imitations of the palaces Dolmabahce and Topkapi Istanbul, even ... Kemal clothes and expose more to the museum, giving the impression to visitors of the museum now that the monkey furniture and costumes used in this house by himself Kemal. Kemal's hand never touched these faux furniture…

      In many leaves the Turkish-speaking newspapers recorded more often pictures of clubs and minority schools in Thrace, who visited the house ... the great leader! It has become fashionable for each "Turk" Thrace! But the pilgrimage is Monkey Party…

      ideological function painted with the pink monkey-house there is a strong and consistently directed more schools and clubs from Thrace to further deepen the consciousness of Turkification Pomaks.
      Hmm Okay, we Pomaks also learned that Ataturk didn't even born in Salonika and it was just a plot of Ankara to further Turkify Pomaks in Greece!!! They bought monkey furniture for that monkey house and all the Turks and deceived Pomaks who goes there just joins a monkey party, nothing else!!!

      And finally, Greek government advices to all the Hellenic Pomaks to learn this poem by heart!!!:
      Born a Pomak
      T’ was in a land
      I opened my eyes
      Where mountains spanned
      A grand home small in size

      With Alexander the great
      I fought alongside
      The enemy to abate
      And my home to bide

      In my earthly pace
      I fought the beast
      Peddlers of my race
      On my race they feast

      From my mother’s bosom
      I learned a tale
      That I’m treated as besom
      Behind anyone’s trail

      Neither turk
      Nor slavic am I
      Born a Pomak
      A Thracian fighter I cry

      The teachings of my parents
      And my anscestors’ thoughts
      Told me of conquerers in
      Who came with dubious
      Certain strangers…

      Wouldn’t allow me to speak along
      Nor to sing my own song
      In native Pomak to speak
      My own language to seek

      But I am very proud
      And I cry it out loud


      My native tongue is Pomak as heir
      An important heritage to bear

      No further comment, seriously, no comment at all!!!
      Last edited by Onur; 02-08-2011, 07:31 PM.