Albanianization in Macedonia

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  • Toska
    the exact meaning of the word is not known, but i know for a fact its not liked by Christian Albanians they will never call themselves a shiptar, because it has the radical islamic sentiment to it, they try to distance themselves from that.

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  • Niko777
    Originally posted by Toska View Post
    just not to create confusion before i start i just want to distinguish the difference between an albanian and a shqiptar, albanian is catholic and a shqip is muslim , the albanians dont like to be called shqiptari
    I think you are mistaken, all Albanians call their homeland Shqipria.
    I think they don't like it when Macedonians call them "Shiptari" because we mispronounce the word and because it doesn't mean anything in Macedonian.

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  • George S.
    toska the Albanians in Macedonia are what we call shiptars.These are people that were forced out by the enver hoxa communist regime.That's why most of Albania is catholic.You don't notice any mosques in Albania.These people were forced to flee in Macedonia ,Serbia,kosovo etc.They are very nationalistic.Even after they were thrown out of Albania they still think of it as the motherland.But they want what is not theirs they want Macedonia to be their homeland ultimately to link up with Kosovo.You got the ridiculous claims & agreements of minority such as Albanians wanting more rights which are in fact priveleges above the normal citizens.In other words short of secession but wanting control of parts of Macedonia more than 20% constituting Albanian.Also the notion of Albanian has been realised with mps speaking Albanian.The Albanians have got their way without doing much with politicians beating a pathway to their door & capitulating.It has been to our peril with Albanians wanting educational freedom and they are not learning our language or history.They have NO sympathy or respect for us Macedonians.Look at some of their flags draped over schools & houses.At omparison.The Albanians in one point politicians (Albanians )from Macedonia were addressed by sali berisha that he said to them compared to the Macedonians in Albania just as a reminder that they never had it so good.He was telling them to behave themselves as the Macedonians have really looked after them.That is a fact that the shiptars are enjoying more freedom than an ordinar Macedonians that's why they are labelled as victims & literally getting away with murder.
    re shqiptar word
    The origin of the ethnic name Shqiptar:
    Gustav Meyer derived Shqiptar from the Albanian verbs shqipoj (to speak clearly) and shqiptoj (to speak out, pronounce), which are in turn derived from the Latin verb excipere, denoting brethren who speak the Albanian language, similar to the ethno-linguistic dichotomies Sloven-Nemac and Deutsch-Wlsch.[1] This is the theory also sustained by Robert Elsie.[2]
    A theory by Ludwig Thallczy, Milan Šufflay and Konstantin Jireček, which is today considered obsolete, derived the name from a Drivastine family name recorded in varying forms during the 14th century: Schepuder (1368), Scapuder (1370), Schipudar, Schibudar (1372), Schipudar (1383, 1392), Schapudar (1402), etc.
    Maximilian Lambertz derived the word from the Albanian noun shqipe,or shqiponj (eagle), which, according to Albanian folk etymology, denoted a bird totem dating from the times of Skanderbeg, as displayed on the Albanian flag.[3]
    Petar Skok suggested that the name originated from Scupi (Albanian: Shkupi), the capital of the Roman province of Dardania (today's Skopje).[3]
    A Slovenian theory states, that shqiptar (pronounced ship-tahr, "šiptar" in Slovenian) originates from the English word "shipping" (transporting, inporting), likely because of people and merchandise migration in and out of Albania.
    Vladimir Orel suggested that:

    Alb. Shqipe, Shqiptar etc. also reflects a late, post-classical form sclavus, a variant *skljab being reconstructable for Albanian. Orel (1998: 434) assumes that shqipe would be a

    calque after the Slavic parallel slověne ‘Slavs’ as derived from slovo ‘word’, in Albanian
    shqipoj ‘to speak clearly = to speak in our language’ – Shqipe, Shqiptar.[4]Sorin Paliga says that the ethnonym shqipe ‘Albanian’, shqip (adj.), proves that there is a link between the Sclaveni of the 5th century and modern Albanians. See a more

    detailed discussion in Paliga and Teodor 2009: p. 80-84.

    Use in South Slavic languages[edit]

    The term Šiptar using across South Slavic languages (Cyrillic: Шиптар) is considered derogatory by Albanians in Serbian,[5][6][7] Macedonian,[8] and other South Slavic languages
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  • Toska
    just not to create confusion before i start i just want to distinguish the difference between an albanian and a shqiptar, albanian is catholic and a shqip is muslim , the albanians dont like to be called shqiptari, anywho i find it quite ironic that the shqips follow everything that skenderbeg did, when skenderbeg was fighting against exactly same thing that happened to todays albanians and that was becoming shqiptari,so i dont understand how the shqiptari claim and praise him he was anti-muslim, he was orthodox, its pretty much on par of a Jew becaming a Nazi or a Black joining the KKK, it dosnt even make any sense, Skenderbegs main supporters where Macedonians and Serbs, his Mother was Macedonian Voisava born in Todays Republic, he was protected and hid in Macedonia and in Serbia and now the shqipari praise him, its ludacris.
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  • Niko777
    Originally posted by Alex_MK View Post

    "Skanderbeg SS Long Live"
    "Ethnic Albania"

    All next to city signs in Albanian language with notable Albanian women in Hijabs.

    That's the future of Macedonia in a nutshell.
    I posted a different photo of that same graffiti weeks ago... The fact that it's still there is disturbing

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