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The Macedonian Truth Organisation (MTO) was established for the purpose of revealing the truth about Macedonia and the Macedonians. The goal of the Macedonian Truth Organisation is to further the Macedonian cause, in any and every single way.

The Macedonian Truth Organisation is committed to the betterment of Macedonia and the conditions for Macedonians living in any part of the world. It favors no political parties or organisations but encourages those that have ideals congruent with the ideals of the Macedonian Truth Organisation.

The Macedonian Truth Organisation has a dedicated website and forum where all topics concerning Macedonia and the Macedonian people are discussed. Statements and opinions range on the forum due to the various origins of the members, hence they are not the official view of the Macedonian Truth Organisation, which is impartial and not aligned with anything other than that which itself promotes. The view of the Macedonian Truth Organisation is expressed only through the official channels of the website.

The Macedonian Truth Organisation extends its welcome to people of all origins, and particularly to anyone of Macedonian descent who has an interest in looking past imposed political and religious ideologies, with the aim of exploring their true and authentic Macedonian origins.

For the latest events concerning current issues in Macedonia and the surrounding regions, and the most accurate assessment of historical events by Macedonians concerning their own fatherland, visit the macedoniantruth.org