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Not my question!


Many Greeks have attempted to undermine the Macedonian identity.
This website amongst many others has highlighted and made it abundantly clear that the Macedonian identity has existed and continued for a very long time. The motivation for researching one’s own identity is not uncommon. Many races of people do this in order to develop a more profound understanding of their identity.

What motivates Greeks to deny the Macedonian identity is beyond the comprehension of most impartial readers. An impartial reader would comprehend utterances from Greeks as being relatively reasonable and having merit and providing justification for confusion in relation to Macedonian issues. There should be no mistake about the motivations of Greeks. Their denial of the Macedonian identity says more about their feelings about the Greek identity and what it means to them personally. In order for the Greek identity to thrive, the Macedonian identity needs to be negated in the mind of the ultra-nationalist Greek. It would appear that these are not mutually exclusive matters, that the Macedonian issue somehow effects the Greek identity. How is this possible? Only a thorough analysis of antique history reveals any potential for discussion of compromised identities. it is naturally quite easy to introduce doubt into discussions when we are talking about 2000 year old issues. The Hellenistic period of Alexander is used as their best argument of the Greekness of Macedonians. It is a tenuous argument. Yet, they will not discuss the notion of the Albanianness of the Greeks even though much more recent history confirms the significance of the Albanians in the modern Greek identity. The issue is heavily compromised and the Greeks appear to be given the benefit of the doubt in all Western institutions. I have no idea why.

I thought it was fitting to recently hear the Hungarian Minister advise the Macedonians that it is their sole right to define themselves. We are talking about Hungarians being a race that have inhabited their lands for over 1000 years and admit their migration from the Urals. In a Greek’s mind, the Hungarians would merely be guests in their new land.

The Macedonians are a logical progression of a historical/biblical race who have endured Hellenic, Roman, Slavic and Turkic oppression and/or influence. Yet we still exist and still represent such an exciting chapter in European history and modern demographics that is yet to be fully understood and appreciated.

I hope this forum helps the impartial reader understand that there is more than just a reasonable argument for the Macedonian perspective. That the reader takes the time to think why anyone would seek to negate the identity of another person. The motivations of denial need to be understood and explored in the context of the present political machinations and relatively recent historical events. There was not always a Macedonian Question, there is now and we need to understand why nobody has come to the Macedonians looking for an answer. We are here to give it.
Risto the Great