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Ethnic map showing where Albanian was spoken in the Peloponnese, 1890!

Modern Greek Myth

Albanian-speaking and Newgreek-speaking areas, 1890.

Albanian-speaking and Newgreek-speaking areas, 1890.

Source: Ethnographische karte des Peloponnes (ethnographic map of the Peloponnese), by Dr. Alfred Philippson, Petermanns Mitteilungen, 1890.

The Legend translated into English:

PURPLE – Newgreek language.
BLUE – Tzakonian dialect.
RED - Albanian language (current spreading).
RED – Greek and Albanian mixed.
RED - territory of Hellenized Albanians in the last generation.
Underlined in yellow ELIS, MELINCER, Vatika, Giannitsa - Slavic tribes and by Slavs inhabited regions and places from the 9th to the 12th century.
Guvaes: Popular region names, Geronthron: Names of ???,
—— Traditional border of the Mani
—— The approximate border of the Albanian territory by the 15th century
I-X Enclaves of the Albanian people

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