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Greek language influence in Macedonia, 1900!


Map showing important isoglosses between the traditional Modern Greek dialects (c.1900).

* Purple: Area of “northern vocalism” (/ski’li/ > [skli])
* Green: Area of palatalisation of /k/ > [ts] (/kiria’ki/ > [tsirja'tsi])
* Yellow: Area of palatalisation of /k/ > tʃ (/kiria’ki/ > [tʃirja'tʃi]
* Brown: Geminated initial consonants (/ne/ > [nne])
* Red: Retention of word-final /n/
* Dark brown: Historical /y/ > /u/

Map based on: Peter Trudgill: Modern Greek dialects. A preliminary Classification, in: Journal of Greek Linguistics 4 (2003), p. 54-64.

Here is a link to the article: Modern Greek dialects. A preliminary Classification

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