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The Testament of Alexander the Macedonian, 317 BC!

Macedonia Ancient

7. The Testament
Then, Holkias, as he had been instructed by the King, read out the Testament. What follows is a translation
of the version given by the Metz manuscript, supplemented (in angular brackets) by a few important
provisions found in Pseudo-Kallisthenes A.

§115. The testament made by King Alexander, son of Ammon and Olympias. If my child by my wife,
Rhoxane, is a son, he before all others is to be King of Macedonia, and in the interim Arrhidaeus, son of
Philip, should lead the Macedonians. If I should have a daughter by my wife, Rhoxane, let the
Macedonians see that she is brought up and married in a manner befitting their loyalty to me and my
rank, and let them elect as their king the man they think fit. The man so elected should be King of

§116. To my mother, Olympias, I grant the right to live in Rhodes or anywhere else she wishes and
the King of Macedonia is to see that she is every year given all the things she was given during my
lifetime. To Leonnatus I give the satrapy of the Hellespont and the hand of Holcias’ sister,
Cleonice20 in marriage. I appoint Eumenes, who was my secretary, ruler of Cappadocia and
Paphlagonia. I declare the islands free: let them retain their former possessions and be autonomous.

§117 I appoint Antigonus governor of Pamphylia, Lycia and Greater Phrygia, and I assign
authority over Caria to Asander. “and the territory which lies beyond” the river called the Halys;
over this land I appoint Antipater governor. I make Nicanor governor of Cilicia and Pithon
governor of Syria as far as the so-called Mesopotamian line21. Babylon and Babylonian
territory adjoining to it I put under the command of Seleucus who was my squire22.
Phoenicia and Coele-Syria I assign to Meleager. The kingdom of Egypt I leave to Ptolemy23, along with
the hand in marriage of my sister, Cleopatra.

§118. As for the areas lying between the boundaries of Babylonia and Bactria, the satraps should retain
what they variously govern, and as commander-in-chief over them all I appoint Perdiccas, on whom I
also bestow as a wife, Rhoxane, who was my wife, the Bactrian daughter of Oxyartes24. The people of
Rhodes are to be granted 300 talents of gold coin from the royal treasury for the beautification of their
city; they are also to be given 40 triremes and a free annual subsidy of 20,000 medimni of Egyptian grain
and, also free and on an annual basis, 20,000 medimni of wheat from the regions of Asia adjacent to
Rhodes. I also command the removal from the town of the garrison which I left there.

§119. The priests in Egypt are to be granted 2,000 talents in gold coin from the public purse, and
Ptolemy is to take care of the transportation to Egypt of my body, which the priests of Egypt are to
tend to as they think best. The sarcophagus in which the body is to be laid is to be made from 200 talents
of gold.

§120. To the Thebans of Boeotia I grant 300 talents of coined gold to rebuild their city, and to the
exiles who were refugees from there because of the war I restore all the property of which I had
deprived them. I consider that they have been sufficiently punished for their foolhardy opposition to me. The
Athenians are to be given a golden throne for the temple of Minerva and also a robe of gold. My arms and
insignia plus 1000 talents of silver are to go to the temple of Hera at Argos, while Apollo at Delphi is to be given
all the elephant tusks and “two” snake skins plus 100 golden libation-bowls. The Milesians are to be given 150
talents of silver and the Cnidians are also to be given 150.

§121. Taxiles is to be governor of those parts of India bordering the Indus river, Porus of those parts
between the river Hydaspes and the Indus25. I appoint the Bactrian Oxyartes, father of my wife, Rhoxane,
governor of Paropanisadae, and Sibyrtius is to rule the Arachosians and Cedrosians. I give command over
the Arians and Drangians to Stasanor of Soli.
Philip is to rule the Bactrians. Parthyaea and what adjoins Hyrcania I give to Phrataphernes,
Carmania to Tlepolemus. Peucestas is to hold sway over all the Persians. From all “these” governorships
Oxydates is to be relieved and Craterus26 is to rule the Medes in his place. Argaeus is also to be removed from
Susiana, and Coenus is to govern in his stead.

§122. Over all the Illyrians I appoint Holcias as governor and I award him a detachment of 500
requisitioned horses and 3000 talents of silver coin, which he is to use for the making of statues of
Alexander, Ammon, Minerva, Hercules, Olympias and my father, Philip27. These he is to set up in the shrine
at Olympia. The men to whom I have given supreme commands are to set up gilded statues of Alexander in
Delphi, Athens, “hiolce”28. Ptolemy is to set up in Egypt gilded statues of Alexander, Ammon, Minerva,
Hercules, Olympias and my father, Philip.

§123. Witnesses to all this be Olympian Jupiter, our ancestor Hercules, Minerva, Mars, Ammon the
Sun29, and King Alexander’s Fortune.
Should any of these named act in contravention of my testament, I beseech Jupiter and the Olympian
gods to see that he not go unpunished for doing so, and that he be held guilty of perjury before
gods and men30.

Taken from the book “The Last Days and Testament of Alexander the Great: A Prosopographic Study” by Waldemar Heckel, Historia Einzelschriften, Heft 56 (Stuttgart 1988 ) xiv, 114.

The Testament of Alexander the Great has been undertaken by the study of Waldermar Heckel:”The last days and the Testament of Alexander the Great”, published in 1988 in Stuttgart, Germany. This unique document represents an authentic witness regarding the continuity of Macedonian nation, state-law expression and culture.The Testament’s value is in it’s entire expression as an authentic evidence regarding the Macedonian past, whereas the long centuries misconceptions are being rejected and constructed thesis concerning their ceasing to exist.
The Testament originates from the year 317 BC and it is good enough argument on the behalf of the Macedonians before Christ. THE TESTAMENT WAS WRITTEN IN THE LAST LIVING DAYS OF ALEXANDER THE MACEDONIAN, it was written in Babylon in 323 BC. WHEN HE WAS AT 33 YEARS AGE AFTER HIS 13-YEARS OF REIGN. The time when the Testament has been written is the time of the Macedonian reign over a part of nowadays Europe, Asia and Africa.That is the time of great prosper of the Macedonian civilization and Macedonian Empire.

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