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The charter of Alexander The Macedonian, found in the book by Orbini, 1601!


Title page of the book by Mauro Orbini from 1601.


“WE, ALEXANDER, son of Phillip, King of Macedonia, Prince of the Monarchy, appointed as a creator of Greek empire, from Nataban announced as the child of the great Zeus, ruler of the Augusts, and of Bramans and of Arbonites, from sunrise to sunset, from south up until north, to the noble nation of Slavs we wish kindness, peace and health. We and our followers who will succeed us in ruling the world, because you have been consistent in faith, valiant in fights and our leaders and heroic fighters, we apportion you and freely donate you forever this whole part of the land, to North up until southern borders with Italy; and with such right, which nobody but you, must not stay long here; nor inhabit, nor live there. If, however, anyone stays longer here, may he become your slave, and his children, slaves to your children.

This Privilege is given in the new city of Alexandria, whom we created by the great Nile river, in the twelfth year of our ruling, under protection of the great god Zeus and Mars, Pluto and goddess Athens. Witnesses to this act are the noble Athleta, our treasurer, together with the other eleven princes whom we have appointed, after our death, as our general successors, considering the fact that we haven’t got any children.”

From the book “The Kingdom of the Slavs” by Mauro Orbini, published in 1601, in Pezaro.

This is Alexanders legacy to his people, the Macedonians, who became Glorious, and hence forth were also kown as the Slavjani(Slavs).

To read more about the Macedonians in Mauro Orbini’s book, please click HERE.

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