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Macedonians found in the 16th century book “The Discovery of Muscovy”!


Here is a text from the book, “The Discovery of Muscovy” by Richard Hakluyt written in the 16th century. Richard Hakluyt was an English writer, famous for his Voyages, which provided William Shakespeare and others with material, and was a foundation for the travel literature genre.

“Now will we speak about those parts of Europe that lie to the south
of the river Danube; and first of all, concerning Greece. The sea
which flows along the eastern side of Constantinople (a Grecian
city) is called Propontis. To the north of this Grecian city an arm
of the sea shoots up westward from the Euxine; and to the west by
north the mouths of the river Danube empty themselves south-east
into the Euxine. To the south and west of these mouths are the
Moessians, a tribe of Greeks; to the west of the city are the
Thracians; and to the west also are the Macedonians. To the south
of this city, towards the southern part of that arm of the sea which
is called the Egean, Athens and Corinth are situated. And to the
west by south of Corinth is the land of Achaia, near the
Mediterranean. To the west of Achaia, along the Mediterranean, is
Dalmatia, on the north side of the sea; to the north of Dalmatia are
the boundaries of Bulgaria and Istria. To the south of Istria is
that part of the Mediterranean which is called the Adriatic; to the
west are the Alps; and to the north that desert which is between the
Carinthians and the Bulgarians.”

Again Macedonians are separated from the rest of the mentioned peoples.

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