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Originally Posted by Amphipolis View Post
Regarding the first part, the Chronicle of Galaxeidi can be found on-line.
One can read the whole paragraph. It’s not very credible, it doesn't make much sense, but anyway, what is the point exactly? The phrase refers to 1000 AD after it mentions an area was conquered by man-eating fierce pirates from the West.

Note: This Chronicle was allegedly written in mid 1700s, found and published in mid 1800s.

The second part AGAIN refers to the same ONE author (Vasiliev) who (the book says) has written sources (which we haven't seen yet).
Source(s)? I have already posted an independent source in my original post (which is in French). (What are you looking for?)

Here are the Google Book search results/hits, where it's clearly shown that THE GREEKS CALL THEIR COUNTRY ARMANIA.

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