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Originally Posted by ramo View Post
If you can read and understand bulgarian there are some of his works on wikipedia.
"Bulgarian" is a Macedonic language but the "Bulgarian" Kanchov would have used would be different from modern literary "Bulgarian" and it may be impossible to find an online translator for it. And I don't understand (fully) a different language to Macedonian even if it is a closely related Macedonic language but I assume that tables with population statistics should be clear enough to grasp.

What you asked for statistics for all ethnic Macedonia is given on this link
What I asked for is to actually get the English article published in a "Macedonian Review" issue (I used to own a copy but have lost it) posted here.

That website is PRO-Bulgarian and ANTI-Macedonian and I don't wish to give it any promotion or credibility for anything Macedonian. I am guessing VK stands for Vasil KURlakovski (Karlaukovski), a known hard-core anti-Macedonian Bulgar propagandist from decades ago.

These are the numbers for the Macedonians, Albanians, Turks and Greeks.

macedonians ("bulgarians") 1,181,336 (1,032,533 christian, 148,803 macedonian muslim)
albanians (arnauts) 128,711 ( 9,510 christian, 119,201 )

turks 499,204
greeks 228,702

I can see from this table that Macedonian Muslims were more than Albanians in 1900
These figures are one reason why Macedonians should chase up the source (and anything similar and detailed) I suggested.

Thanks for the feedback Ramo.
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