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The Parliament building in Athens is full of original Macedonian names!

Modern Greek Myth



Petsovo, Banitsa - Greek Parliament in Athens

Petsovo, Banitsa - Greek Parliament in Athens

Underlined in red:


Here is the truth directly from Athens. These are the original names of the villages found in Macedonia before they were forcefully Hellenized, Banitsa is now known with its modern Greek name Vevi.
The walls in front of the Parliament building are full of the original names of Macedonian towns and villages, I encourage any brave Greek who lives in Athens to go down there and take some pictures, if you get any good shots please forward the pictures to me and I will publish them here at my Blog.
You will be surprised of how many original Macedonian ancestral names there are.

Lets get those cameras ready!

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  1. Pelister  •  Dec 23, 2008 @1:50 am

    These are the names of Macedonian villages won by the Greeks.

    The idea of renaming them had not occured to anyone at that time, which is why they appear on the Parliament building of Greece in their original Macedonian names.

    Its kinda ironic.

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