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YouTube, Exodus of the Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia!

Macedonian Videos

The following video shows Macedonians running away from Aegean Macedonia, trying to escape from the bombardment and retaliation from the government forces, after they won the civil war against the Democratic Army of Greece.

The official Greek position on this is that the communists have abducted these GREEK children and spread them through communist countries in order to brainwash them, and then return them to Greece (probably to start a communist revolution). However, the TESTIMONIES of these people, and some of them are still very much alive, say quite the opposite: that they were running away from the bombs coming from the party that won the Greek Civil War.

Today, 60 years after the exodus of the Macedonians and 20 years since the fall of the communist regimes in Europe, Greece is still “afraid” to let the refugees back home. These people, or their children, are still forbidden to enter Greece and reclaim their land, unless they declare themselves as “Greek by genus” – which is an example of the racist laws implemented in Greece, or a form of an ethnic genocide, something we often saw during the wars in some other Balkan countries.

This is what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, this is what Fascist Greece did towards the Macedonians.

Nazi Germany paid for their wrongdoings will Greece pay?

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