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Pulevski’s Dictionary of Three Languages: Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish, 1875!

Macedonian Language



The Dictionary is a conversational phrasebook composed in question-and-answer style in three parallel columns, first column is in Macedonian, second is in Albanian and the third is in Turkish, all three spelled with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Here is a translation of the first part of page 49 which is an answer to the question posed on the end of page 48:

What do we call a nation?

People who are of the same
origin and who speak the same
words and who live and make
friends of each other, who have
the same customs and songs and
entertainment are what we call
a nation, and the place where
that people lives is called the
people’s country. Thus the
Macedonians also are a nation
and the place which is theirs is
called Macedonia.

Picture of Pulevski in his traditional dress from Galichnik, taken in 1878.

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