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Articles about Macedonians found in the London Times, 1895-1928!

Macedonian Newspaper Articles

Here are some very good articles from the London Times, they are from the period 1895-1928!

The Macedonian Movement. (News)
  The Times Saturday, Apr 06, 1895; pg. 7; Issue 34544; col F

The Macedonian Revolutionary Committee (News) FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT..
  The Times Saturday, Sep 22, 1900; pg. 5; Issue 36254; col G


The Balkan Outlook. The Macedonians And The Reforms. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENTS.).
  The Times Friday, Apr 08, 1904; pg. 3; Issue 37363; col E

The Macedonians. A People Longing For Peace. (News) (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Monday, Nov 04, 1918; pg. 7; Issue 41938; col F


The Outbreak In Bulgaria. Macedonians Seize A Town. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Thursday, Dec 07, 1922; pg. 11; Issue 43208; col B

“Macedonia For The Macedonians.” (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Tuesday, Apr 17, 1923; pg. 13; Issue 43317; col B

Wholesale Arrests Of Macedonians. Bulgarian Cabinet’s Move. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Wednesday, May 09, 1923; pg. 11; Issue 43336; col C

140 Macedonians Arrested. Bulgarian Government’s Action. (News) (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Wednesday, Mar 05, 1924; pg. 13; Issue 43592; col C

Bulgaria And The Macedonians. A Property Dispute. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Thursday, Apr 14, 1927; pg. 13; Issue 44556; col B

Macedonians Murdered In Sofia. (News) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.).
  The Times Saturday, Oct 13, 1928; pg. 11; Issue 45023; col B

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