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A prophecy of Alexander the Great, by Atanas Makedonets 1845!

Macedonian Language



Here is the English translation:

A prophecy of Alexander the Great


A foreword for the translation

During the excavations in Babylon, inside a golden box, it was found an old manuscript from long past times. This manuscript was translated in all languages, since this is a prophecy of Alexander the Great, who predicted without all the great things that were done from that time until now, and also tells what else will be done.

Since this manuscript is a prophecy of Alexander the Great and speaks most highly about his beloved country Macedonia, I a servant of Jesus, being from the same country as this great man, decided, with the help of the Holly Spirit, to make a translation on the languages that are spoken in my homeland, and make it as understandable as possible. I pray to God so this book will bring mercy to all that have our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

I wrote this in 1845

Yeromonah Atanas Macedonian

The translation is taken from mk.wikibooks.org